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Jogger's Snapshots is for all you photogenic Evertonians to show the world how fantastic you looked when you wore a scarf around your wrist all those years ago. (Last week in some cases). Or on Your Travels in your Everton Blue. So send in your photo's of you on the European tour and your mates decked out in those silly bobble hats at Wembley, or hobnobbing with the players, or better still, send a photo of your mate looking a right Dick, and Jogger will gladly put it on this page. e-mail

Jogger's Snapshots 332 FA Cup Final
Where?: Wembley 2009

Who's in the photos: Crofts FA Cup Day Out: Will you put these pics on your brilliant site of our trip to Wembley-the lads from Crofts. COYB. Keep up the great work, thanks Sully
Joggers Snapshots 331
Where?: Blues All Over The Globe

Who's in the photos: Dunns at Xmas / Dad and Mickey / Blues in Florida / Hawaian Blues
Joggers Snapshots 330 FA Cup Semi 27
Where?: Wembley 2009

Who's in the photos: Blues at Wembley against The Mancs
Joggers Snapshots 329
Where?: Nutty Blues Everywhere !!

Who's in the photos: Zombie Fellaini / Thai Jolly / My Two Loves / Route 66 / Blatant Blue Nose Advertising Salou Style