Blue Boudoir Photos
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Have you a shrine to Everton? Have you got photos & posters on the walls? Have you drawn a mural on your walls? If so send them to & we'll show them here!

Blue Boudoir 13
Where?: Norway

Who's in the photos: Morten G Dubland
Blue Boudoir 12
Where?: Grandad Car's Everton Room

Who's in the photos: George EFC ( Edward Frank Carse ) aged 6 and his sister Madeleine EFC ( Eve Francesca Carse ) aged 3.
Blue Boudoir 11
Where?: Litherland

Who's in the photos: Keirnan Ainsworth
Blue Boudoir 10
Where?: Liam's Bedroom

Who's in the photos: Liam and His Amazing Blue Bedroom
Blue Boudoir 8
Where?: Nathan's Room

Who's in the photos: Nathan and His Royal Blue Bedroom
Blue Boudoir 9
Where?: Nutty Blue Bedrooms

Who's in the photos: John's Wall Of Fame / Phil's Bar 2