Jogger's Snapshots Photos
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Jogger's Snapshots is for all you photogenic Evertonians to show the world how fantastic you looked when you wore a scarf around your wrist all those years ago. (Last week in some cases). Or on Your Travels in your Everton Blue. So send in your photo's of you on the European tour and your mates decked out in those silly bobble hats at Wembley, or hobnobbing with the players, or better still, send a photo of your mate looking a right Dick, and Jogger will gladly put it on this page. e-mail

Joggers Snapshots 367
Where?: Cuba, Worldwide, and Good Old Blighty

Who's in the photos: Blues Spreading The Gospel
Joggers Snapshots 366
Where?: Wembley, Goodison, Everywhere

Who's in the photos: Toffeemen and Toffee Ladys
Joggers Snapshots 365 - Benfica
Where?: Lisbon, Portugal

Who's in the photos: Happy Blues Before The Match
Joggers Snapshots 364 - Derby Day
Where?: Milan Italy, Goodison Park

Who's in the photos: Italian Blues, Dennis the Menace and Friends
Joggers Snapshots 363
Where?: Blues Far and Wide

Who's in the photos: Miguel Angel Jimenez and Fellow Blues
Joggers Snapshots 362
Where?: Blues Around The Globe

Who's in the photos: Nutty Blues
Joggers Snapshots 362
Where?: Nutty Blues All Over The World

Who's in the photos: Nutty Blues All Over The World
Joggers Snapshots 361 - Big 6-0
Where?: Babbacombe Blues in Torquay

Who's in the photos: Chairman Mick and The Babbacombe Blues
Joggers Snapshots 360 Wolfsburg Special
Where?: Wolfsburg Germany

Who's in the photos: Jon Lovelady, Mike Kennedy, Iain Evans, Frank Cooper and The Blues Squuuuadddd