The Goodison Timeline Photos
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On 15th August 2009 as we queued at our turnstile ready for the first game of the new season, we were greeted with a new sight surrounding Goodison Park. During the close season, three sides of the ground had been adorned with hundreds of pictures detailing the history of our beloved Everton Football Club from inception in 1878 right up to the current day. Starting at the Stanley Park End of Bullens Road the pictures wrap right around the ground ending on Goodison Road just before the Park End. We all know the ones above our own turnstile but have you followed the trail right around Goodison Park? If not, then Blue Kipper has and we bring you The Goodison Timeline.

Where?: Bullens Road

Who's in the photos: 1885 Everton Sign A Farmer 1887 Everton Play First FA Cup Tie 1888 Founder Member Of League 1890 Johnny Holt First England International 1891 First To Have Goal Nets
1878 - 1884
Where?: Starting at Bullens Road by The Ticket Office

Who's in the photos: From forming in 1878 to moving to analfied in 1884