Phil Back With England
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Everton captain Phil Neville will team up with the Under 21 squad for the Euro qualifier against Belgium at the Riverside Stadium on Wednesday night

The FA approached Phil with a possibility of assisting Brian Eastick and John Peacock, after Stuart Pearce has stepped up to the senior squad.

Is this a good move for Phil or should he follow his brothers step into football punditry?

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Comments about Phil Back With England
Excellent news this, I think it's a widely excepted fact not only with the club but with most associated with football that Phil Neville is a born leader, really excited for the fella being invloved in the England set up, a definite future England manager in the making, good luck Phil you deserve it.
Chris, Co Durham, 11:16 AM 24/02/2012
I met him at Euston Station and thought he was a miserable fukker..........so yeah, defo a possible Manager of the future.
Dave Dexter, Aintree, 11:12 AM 24/02/2012
I think it is a good decision for him to go into coaching
David, Bootle, 10:49 AM 24/02/2012
Hes a modern day Stuart Pearce. Great respect for the fella.
Arthur, York, 10:23 AM 24/02/2012
Great to see Phil getting the recognition he deserves for his outstanding leadership and professionalism. He is going to have a big career after he finishes playing. Definitely a future manager.
Drew, Cardiff, 9:09 AM 24/02/2012
The next MOTD presenter!!!!!!!!!!
Woody, Roman Reach, 10:45 PM 23/02/2012
Great move for Nev, an England manager of the future definitely, his leadership on the pitch is immense, look forward to seeing him on the sidelines. Not too sure about him doing it whilst still playing though, keep your eyes on Wembley Phil.
Jake, Aintree, 9:58 PM 23/02/2012
Its a top move for him.....the boy is a born manager.
Mark F, Bristol, 9:57 PM 23/02/2012
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