The Wharf Inn
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Nominated By; Dodgy Day and Billy.

The Management: Robbie and Joanne are the management team and both are top bluenoses and born and bread Scousers.

Atmosphere: From about an hour before the match the pub starts rockin. The terrace anthems get turned up to get everyone in the mood. The flags, The banners and all the other memorabilia all set of the mood and the fact that it is packed with cheery blues singing and chanting the Everton songs goes down quite well with everyone.

Ale: Its easy to get served the barmaids are top class and even when its packed they always get you served as quick as possible. There’s a good selection of ale for everyone from Alco pops, spirits and beer what more do you need!!

Music, T.V, and radio: The bar is in the middle of the pub so there are two sides one side has a small TV. and the pool table the other has got a large projector and two small TV’s.

The music is top class if it hasn’t got blue in it it doesn’t get played on a match day. And if it gets to loud there is always the beer garden with views of the canal. (09/01/07)

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very sad the wharf closed down about six months a go
john, crosby, 12:53 PM 17/03/2010
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