The Gaffe Dubrovnik
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The Gaffe Dubrovnik
The Gaffe Dubrovnik
The Bar Staff
The Bar Staff
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Here are some photos from the pub in Dubrovnik. It's called 'The Gaffe'. It's inside the city walls on Uska Ul in Dubrovnik Old Town. 

The owner's name is Alan Peacock, who's an Everton fan from Kirkby. 

He gets back to Liverpool around November when the holiday season goes quiet and he gets in as many games as he can, he drinks in the Albany before the games.

Thanks Spook.

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Comments about The Gaffe Dubrovnik
This is great pub! Was watching the man u game when felli scored the winner! It was brimming with local evertonians including Al the kirby born blue! He gave me girlfriend a free shot too! If ur in Dubrovnik, make sure u use it as ur local!
Bluecruik, Wavertree, 8:51 PM 7/09/2012
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