Everton Former Players Foundation
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bluekipper.com are pleased to GO OVER THE TOP & announce the auction of a unique framed number 9 shirt signed By Alex Young - The Golden Vision

The unique signed framed shirt is donated by Roy Caine Transport (www. rctransport.co.uk) as is to be auctioned for the "Everton Former Players Foundation" Charity Registration No 1080101

We thank Alex Young for signing the shirt. We think this shirt is an absolute cracker of a souvenir!

Please bid generously for this unique shirt. The cash will go to a wonderful charity which helps the former Everton legends.


  ....and the winner is......Michael Dodd with a bid of £400 !  Many thanks Michael, your winning bid will be added to and donated to the EFPF.


Email Bluekipper at enquiries@bluekipper.com

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