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Sundowns - Supporting Understanding Needs of Down.

'SUNDOWNS' was officially formed in 2000. It's a support group for parents of children with Downs Syndrome. Based on the Wirral, 'SUNDOWNS' is the only British group to gain affiliation to the National Downs Syndrome Society. This has been based in the U.S.A. for over 22 years and is the largest non profit making Downs Syndrome Charity in the world. They began the first Buddy Walk 10 years ago as part of their Downs Syndrome Awareness Programme and SUNDOWNS is very proud to be the first British group to be able to bring this very positive event to the U.K.
Amongst other things this money has been used to begin a resource library on topics such as health,education and emotional support for people with Downs Syndrome and their families. We would like to increase our membership from its current 36 families. To continue with our social outings such as our Christmas Trip to Gulliver's World, Summer Dance and Christmas Dance. To broaden and strengthen the links we have made with the Health Service and Education Service. To continue to raise awareness of Downs Syndrome and the many positive contributions that these people can make to society.
Further details from (16/10/02)

Bluekipper are pleased to announce the auction of a SIGNED EVERTON SHIRT.

It is signed by last seasons 1st team squad, including King Kev, Big Dunc, Gazza, Unsey and the Rad

The shirt is being auctioned for SUNDOWNS Charity (Reg Charity No. 1089679)

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