Stones To Stay With England Despite Concussion Injury
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Everton defender John Stones will miss the first two games at the European Under-21 Championship finals with a head injury.

Stonesy had concussion after a clash of heads in training and will miss tonight's opening game against Portugal in Uherské Hradiště as well as Sunday's encounter with Sweden in Olomouc.

England coach Gareth Southgate will not be sending him home, as he hopes to pick the 21-year-old for the Young Lions final Group B match with Italy in Olomouc next Wednesday. 

Gareth Southgate said: "We would struggle to pack him up anywhere at the moment.

"He's bitterly disappointed. Our first thoughts are to lift his spirits as quickly as possible.

"In terms of the group, we have a strong mentality and in all positions we have places where players have moved up to the seniors so we've had to look at other players during the campaign, with great competition for places in every of the field."



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Comments about Stones To Stay With England Despite Concussion Injury
@1 you are a very good windup merchant look at these postings.
gaz, deeside, 6:35 PM 21/06/2015
Tom forgetting your crass remark re selling him you mention him in the same breath as Danny Williamson? How about Rio Ferdinand or Bobby Moore? This kid is going right to the top and will be there next year with us.
terry, chester, 1:47 PM 20/06/2015
Are you a complete moron. A clash of heads in training and almost having your ankle decapitated at Man U is not injury prone.
John Codling, Thailand, 2:24 PM 19/06/2015
@1 are you fucking serious?
J, Liverpool, 1:12 PM 19/06/2015
Tom Hartley...you sir are a dick!!
Anthony, Cleveleys, 11:24 AM 19/06/2015
We need to sell him on now far too injury prone, get the money while we can before he ends up like another Danny Williamson, no point in having the talent if you aren't on the pitch. Cash in and use the money towards Scott Dann
Tom Hartley, Wire innit, 4:52 PM 18/06/2015
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