Barkley Learning From Youtube
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Ross Barkley picked up his 13th England cap in the bore draw with Republic of Ireland on Sunday. The 21 year old is hoping to pick up his 14th cap against Slovenia this weekend.

Although Ross hasn't had his best season, he says he is learning all the time and is now picking up tips from Mesut Ozil and Yaya Toure via the internet.

Ross says: "At club level I don't think I did as well as I wanted to do this season, but still I have learnt a lot and felt like I've improved as well.

"When I come away with England listening to the more experienced lads like Joe Hart is great; he's a good example.

"I've also been watching clips on Yaya Toure and Mesut Ozil. Ozil is so calm in possession and picks the right passes, which is something I've got to get a bit better at.

"I just observe, just watch clips on YouTube and the spaces he moves into.

"With Yaya Toure the breaks forward he does and the counter-attacks. When he gets the ball his distribution is really good too.

"Personally, when I get on the pitch, I just try to put in a good performance. If I can do that then hopefully it can lift the lads around me.

"I'm getting a lot of chances off the bench with England. Roy's given me the opportunity to come on and try to make the difference. 

"When I'm coming on I've got to try and create the chances for us - that will hopefully push me on and help me, further down the line, to be a starter for England. 

"I know my role at the moment. I've got to keep improving and learning, keep kicking on for Everton and as I'm improving hopefully I'll get in the starting 11.

"I was watching from the sidelines against Ireland and I felt that I could have made a difference if I came on. 

"I didn't manage to influence the score, but felt I did okay. I don't think it was the best game, but when I came on I thought I had a bit of an impact. We had more possession higher up the pitch and had a few chances. 

"We hadn't been together for a couple of months when we met up last week. We'd worked hard in training and needed that game just to get going again. When the qualifier comes on Sunday I think we'll be really well-prepared for it, thanks to the friendly we had in Ireland. 

"We're focused on putting on a much better performance against Slovenia."

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No 1That's the best comment I ve ever read
Tmc, Everton, 5:25 PM 11/06/2015
If your listening Ross Laaa, this is what I'm thinking, stop spending all weekend on the lash with your hanger on mates prancing round Garlands like a bunch of bloody wombats with your balls in your paws, just think about what happened to Iron Mike Tyson next time a mate sticks his tongue in your ear, get to bed early and train hard, practise your passing and shooting coz I've seen my nan hoof less balls out the park, hone your skills and all will come good and stay away from the muppets or you'll turn into one like Cadamartrio, and spend your money wisely coz if James had your paypacket he'd be happy and not thinking bout leaving which would be a greater loss to the team than your contributions on the field this season, stand in the corner and think about what you need to do before it's too late me lado.
JoeyBlueBalls, Runcorn, 3:08 PM 11/06/2015
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