Everton Players Ready To Battle - Naismith Takes On McGeady
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Scotland's Steven Naismith faces his Everton team mates, Aiden McGeady, James McCarthy and Seamus Coleman when Ireland face Scotland in the big crunch match in the Euro qualifiers a week on Saturday.

Both Naisy and Geady expect to win. So something has got to give.

Scotland face Qatar tonight in a friendly and Ireland play England on Sunday again in a friendly, but it is the Ireland v Scotland game which is on both players minds.

Naisy said: "We have always battled against each other through our careers. When I was at Kilmarnock we were always up against each other in young player of the month awards or young player of the year awards. Then we had the Rangers- Celtic thing.

I've been in squads with some great players and I've learned a lot from them but in terms of confidence, positivity and enthusiasm I've not had it much higher.

"That just comes to the fact that the quality of player in the full squad, the 20-25 guys that come along, is so high that the manager probably struggles every game to pick a starting 11.

"That is what has progressed us well. We are a group of guys who get on really well and we've had the stage of our careers where there has been a lot of potential but now it is time to fulfil that potential and I think we have shown that.

"Everybody has said that it is the biggest game but that's only because it is the next game and the group is so tight.

"Poland, Germany, Ireland and ourselves have all been fighting it out so the games we have got against each other, there will be a lot of eyes on us watching out for the results.

"But we're confident with how we've done in the first half of the campaign and if we can continue that trend on then we'll be close to getting to a qualification spot and that's all we can do.

"We've shown in Poland that we were up against it at times in that game, we came from behind to get in front and at the end we were holding on for the draw but we did that. And that could become a massive point.

"Like the Ireland game we go into, we know it is going to be tough but we're confident. We've got good players who are comfortable on the ball, take the ball under pressure and create opportunities for each other."

Geady said: "The Scotland one's the big one, obviously. We want to get our own back on them from the last game.

"We never played well enough to win the game. It would have been nice to have come away with a point, but a bit of ball-watching and switching off at a set-piece cost us a point. It could have been an important point.

"The England one is obviously a big game as well, but it's a friendly and the Scotland one is the most important from my point of view, and I think everyone else's as well.

"I've never had abuse before like that. It was a game I wasn't really looking forward to, because I knew it would be like that.

"But it would have been great if we had won, if I'd scored, if I'd played well and really just won, to be honest with you.

"But we didn't and it made it a whole lot worse because I know all the Scottish players and I know a lot of Scotland fans, who bring it up to me when I'm home.

"But mainly from the team's point of view, it would have been a big point for us if we had drawn.

"Probably it was worse for me because James McCarthy was injured as well, wasn't it? It was just basically me taking the brunt of the abuse."

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