England Pick Barkley For Senior Squad
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Phil Jagielka and Ross Barkley have been named in the England squad for, but Leighton Baines is out due to injury.

England play the Republic of Ireland in a friendly in Dublin on Sunday 7 June, before playing Slovenia in a Euro 2016 qualifier on Sunday 14 June.

England squad in full - Goalkeepers: Green, Hart, Heaton. Defenders: Bertrand, Cahill, Clyne, Gibbs, Jagielka, Jones, Smalling. Midfielders: Barkley, Delph, Henderson, Lallana, Mason, Milner, Sterling, Townsend, Walcott, Wilshere. Strikers: Austin, Rooney, Vardy, Welbeck. 

Roberto said: "It wasn't a big surprise because Ross hasn't been involved with the Under-21s. There has been a lot of talk but the call is right.

"Gareth Southgate has got the team together and with a winning mentality through the qualifying rounds, and it makes sense to carry on with that team going into the Finals.

"Remember, those Finals are there to prepare young players for the senior competitions. Ross has already been involved in the biggest of those, the World Cup.

"I fully support the decision 100 per cent and it is the right call to allow Ross to carry on helping the senior team.

"Then he needs a good break because the last two seasons have been demanding. He hasn't really had an opportunity to refresh himself. It's the right call for everyone involved." 

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Comments about England Pick Barkley For Senior Squad
Question: Is Ross Barkley talented enough to build a team round or is he just a component who is only successful if slotted into the right position.? Roberto M proclaimed earlier this season that Barkley is going to be one of the greatest English players ever. Most of us amateur pundits are skeptical. Yes, he has the physique and the technique but his brain appears to have difficulty processing what his body wants to do. When to pass? When to run with the ball? When to shoot? Also, not relying on team mates to retrieve the ball when he loses possession. For want of using a more intelligent phrase, next season will surely be make or break for him.
Bri, Woolton, 9:58 PM 25/05/2015
The lad has a piss poor season and still makes the full England squad.What a joke of a national side we have.You have got to pick players in form to have a chance of winning anything.2015/16 season is huge for him as he has been abysmal this season.Personally I would cash in on him as sadly I dont think he will ever achieve his full potential with us.How many of these players have we seen at our club over the years ?.Answer=To fucking many
dave c, runcorn, 11:00 AM 25/05/2015
Next season might well be Ross's last chance to make a breakthrough. If it doesn't happen for him then he might just turn out to be just another Jack Rodwell. What maddens most Evertonians is his inability to make a quick decision when he gets himself into a good position. He'll either be a great player or a great might have been.
Spectator, Crosby, 10:44 AM 23/05/2015
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