Great Week For Stones At Everton
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John Stones, who was named Fans player of the season and Luke Garbutt have been named in the provisional 27-man England Under-21s squad for the upcoming Euro Championships.

The squad will be reduced by four at the start of next month.

England Under-21s' first game is against Portugal on Thursday 18 June, with further group fixtures against Sweden and Italy to follow.

Stonesy said: "We have such a strong team that will be going out there and I am looking forward to some tournament football.

"I won't have much of a summer but I always look to try and play every game I can. The more football the better for me and my learning experience.

"I will be glad to have nice break for the first week then I'm back at it after that to meet up with England.

"It's been a great week, with the result at West Ham as well. It's definitely one to remember.

"There are so many fans that turn out each week and to be voted for by them is an honour."

Roberto said: "It is going to be a fantastic experience. Luke and John are in an excited mood and being able to help the team is exactly what they need.

"John was pre-selected for the World Cup but missed three months of competition with an injury. That means he is still fresh and can go into the summer with all his focus on that tournament.

"Luke, in the same manner, is a very fit boy. He has had enough rest during the season to be able to have a demanding summer.

"So we are very pleased we are going to have representation from Everton and John and Luke are going to make Everton proud, I am certain." 

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