Barkley Was Fantastic
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Phil Jagielka played the full 90 minutes in the England 1-1 draw in Italy , as Leighton Baines had the luxury of having the day off. 

But it was Ross Barkley who had the manager giving him praise, despite only playing 35 minutes of the second half. 

Roy Hodgson said: "He was fantastic. Both he and Townsend turned the game.

"I thought Barkley in particular was really, really good.

"Very brave, very courageous.

"He's prepared to get on the ball all the time, to take people on. He really is an outstanding young talent."

Joe Hart said: "Ross looked really dangerous tonight.

"They looked worried about him when he came on. The platform was created for him by a very strong back-four performance and Michael Carrick shielding us. Ross played with no fear and we need to encourage that in England. We need to back people like Ross Barkley. 

"Obviously he has had difficult times of late, not playing to the standard we necessarily want from him, but he is a young guy - a real young guy - with so much talent and that's something we should really encourage." 

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Comments about Barkley Was Fantastic
Have always thought that Mr Potato Head played his best football at Everton and that the move to Manure was a backwards step. Ross's development curve is different and I'm sure he'll come good for EFC.
John T, Bristol, 12:44 PM 4/04/2015
Why does praise about Ross lead to some having a go at RM? Ross has been poor for us all season with just a few glimpses of what we expect.. He's only played 18 months of first team football which when you compare to Rooney at his age he's got a lot of catching up to do. RM's style suits Ross, or would some of the negative few prefer DM back and that would totally f@ck up Ross' ability.
Gazza, Widnes, 1:35 PM 2/04/2015
Yes Ross was good yesterday . I think that the u21 tournament will do him good he doesn't need the rest he hasn't played that much this season. What do people think?
Tess tickle, the muncaster pub, 10:21 PM 1/04/2015
He looked good when he came on. Freed from Roberto and his shackles, he attacked well. Martinez would sub and sell him for daring to do that with us.
Mark, Bucks, 7:37 PM 1/04/2015
Keep saying it's how the boy is managed and looked after...he has always had the natural talent but it has to be tempered with the team requirements but not loosing his arrogance on the ball...really is a special talent..
Wrighty, Mazaaron, 6:42 PM 1/04/2015
For Ross looked better than Kane as me and my lad rants about Harry kane.For me Ross was looking an handful as striker.Him and Naisy up front at the weekend. I'm reading Chelski and Man city a pondering ?50 million fee for him"Dont see him"He's worth more in a Everton shirt.
BlueBerry, Shires, 3:19 PM 1/04/2015
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