McCarthy Slaughtered By Irish Media
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James McCarthy has been slaughtered by some parts of the Irish media.

McCarthy, Aiden McGeady and Seamus Coleman all started in the 1-1 draw against Poland, which keeps the Republic of Ireland in with the leading teams in the European Championship qualifying group.

Before the game Irish legend Liam Brady had a go about McCarthy's 'Passion'.

Brady said: "I think the jury is still out about his importance to the Irish team.

"Without doubt, McCarthy and his clubmate, Seamus Coleman, are the best players we have operating in the Premier League but it is a worry to see McCarthy miss games for Ireland and then, the following week, play for Everton. I don't know whether he's just shy or really has a passion to play for Ireland."

Manager Martin O'Neill defended McCarthy. 

O'Neil said: "I wasn't aware that Liam made these comments but it's entirely his own prerogative. I don't think we should be going into the game with a pessimistic approach as I don't think you will get too far with that.

"I have no need to question anyone's passion for playing for Ireland. I have said that a number of times. It is not just a sound bite, I genuinely feel that. We might not perform as well, but that doesn't mean that the players don't want to play. Absolutely not."

After the game Pundit Eamon Dunphy said: "McCarthy is really turning out to be a terrible flop. He doesn't do anything. He could be a holding player perhaps doing what Whelan is supposed to be doing.

"Because for Everton occasionally. I don't agree with you that he's a different player for Everton, he isn't, he's just perhaps got better players around him. But he still doesn't really move the ball forwards. He never really changes the tempo of the game, this is the key.

"He is overrated. Jamie Carragher said last week that if there was one player he could take for Liverpool it would be McCarthy.

"He said the only thing that was missing from his game was goals, that's nonsense. Jamie Carragher was a great player but he also thought Brazil would win the World Cup last year right until they were beaten by Germany.

"The point about McCarthy - it's interesting. He's a hyped player. He's a player that everyone thinks is far, far better than he is. We haven't got time to waste with Whelan and McCarthy."

McCarthy said: "It's people from the outside, if they want to say something, they say something. It's water off a duck's back.
"I've had it since I've turned out for Ireland, people having gos, shouts from here and there. I've always had stick, but it doesn't bother me."

On the match O'Neill said: "Sometimes you are looking for a bit more from him.

"I thought he was tentative in the first half, he has given it away a few times when he should deal with the ball a wee bit better.

"I mentioned it to him at half time and I thought he came on strongly in the second half, he was strong, brushing people aside too and driving forward with the ball which he is able to do. I thought he dominated proceedings in there and kept us on the front foot."

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Comments about McCarthy Slaughtered By Irish Media
I cant stand McCarthy as a player and I'm tired listening to people saying that he will develop into this or that type player. A midfielder should impose his will on the opposition He NEVER gives and goes NEVER. That says it all for me. He will NEVER be a top player and if by some madness in the market we are offered big money - take it.
pat, Dublin, 8:07 AM 9/04/2015
While I agree with most of the comments, here, somethings should be put in perspective. Dunphy cannot be taken serious, a career formed out of criticising others- 2 famous comments 1- Platini not a great player 2- Ronaldo not the real deal, a show pony. Dunphy is an arsehole and not worthy of giving oxygen. Unfortunately Tony at 9, seems something similar What stupid ignorant stereotype racist comments, should have been choked at birth, you're not worthy of being a Blue, God fears what you might think of Lukaku, never mindthe large Irish contingent plying their trade at Everton.
Fran, Dublin, 8:11 PM 1/04/2015
Just read the article and the fact Dunphy would rather pick Stephen Quinn (who?) instead of McCarthy and was raving on about how fucking amazing Wes Hoolahan is (yes the one in the Championship) shows how much shit that guy has in his brain or maybe it's because a leprechaun had a slice of his missus, Macca should just fuck Ireland off because they obviously have a thing against him
Bren, Merseyside, 3:01 PM 1/04/2015
he's played in a struggling team this season. Dunphy? what has he ever dome for Ireland or anyone other than himself?? only know who the tits name as he hits easy targets. Brady? very talented but from what i remember, in and out of games and a windy fucker. exactly what did he do for Irish Football, hardly a George Best with Northern Ireland was he? as for passion and trying, i had a couple of mates who played pro in the lower leagues. In respect of passion and trying, they had both and loved every minute of the 17 years they both spent in the game just sometimes the opponents were a whole lot better... too many nobodies and ex-players with too much to say.
Mike, Liverpool, 1:48 PM 1/04/2015
Why is it the Irish cause trouble and arguments wherever they go? Is it something in the potatoes?
Tony, Stoneycroft, 11:06 AM 1/04/2015
"Hacks from Craggy Island Post" priceless!!
Brian, Waterloo, 10:21 AM 1/04/2015
Johnny Giles was critical of him in the last close season, which I totally got. There should be so much more to his game, which he does not show, but which he is capable of. He doesn't dominate or 'run' a game the way a 'midfield general' (an old fashioned term I know, but one that I think illustrates the type of player he can be) should. He shows it occasionally, but not enough. He has a bit of vision and can pass a ball- he sees a pass and can make it. He doesn't spend enough time in the opposition's half, he doesn't make enough forward passes, he doesn't create the chances he should be creating and he doesn't score enough goals. Too often he plays the ball square and then doesn't look for the return pass. Don't get me wrong, he was great for us last season, but to me there was so much more potential there, which I hoped he would build on. If I was Martinez, I would get every video that I could find of Alan Ball in his pomp, or failing that Peter Reid from the 1980's (McCarthy has a better engine than Reidy, who got Bracewell to do his running) and sit him down and say that is the type of player you should be trying to emulate. He will never be as good as "Bally', then again nobody could, but that type of dominating, energetic, creative, goalscoring midfield player is something that he can become. It would be a shame if that well of talent remained untapped.
Tim, Halewood, 4:14 AM 1/04/2015
Rob you're absolutely correct, he should stuff Ireland because he's shite for Ireland again and again. and most of what's said there is true, he doesn't want the ball, his heart is not in it. Iv seen signs of it with Everton recently, just hope he doesn't believe the hype about himself, maybe his heads been turned. When he's on fire, he's a colossus but somethings amiss, becoming a Rodwell
paddy, dublin, 9:32 PM 31/03/2015
Eamonn Dunphy has made a good living as a football critic in Ireland being controversial. If McCarthy has a few good games Dunphy will do a complete u-turn and say McCarthy is a great player. However irish fans as with Everton fans appreciate that Macca whilst not the most creative player does a lot of the donkey work in midfield, so hopefully keeps doing well for Ireland and Everton in future. Also as O'Neill said he done very well second half.
G, Dublin, 9:29 PM 31/03/2015
Reading the quotes of Dunphy and Brady above I find it hard to believe they are talking about the same player who turns out for us. Are some of these Irish fans still dreaming with green tinted glasses about that other guy, damn I forgot his name... You know the one who played for Manchester United but was injured loads around international break time. the one who walked out on his team mates just before the world cup final.... Oh fuck yeah, Roy full of shit Keane; that's him. Give your heads a wobble please you pair of clowns.
Oscar, Crosby, 9:18 PM 31/03/2015
It hasn't been a good season for James but he's already shown last season how good a player he can be. So far he's had a bad time with injries hanging on him. Now is the time to show he can take the stick and come back stronger than ever. As for Dunphy, I wouldn't pay the least bit of attention to him, he was a garbage player and an even more garbage pundit.
Spectator, Crosby, 5:24 PM 31/03/2015
Wouldn't pay any creedence to the hacks at the Craggy Island Post if I were you James.
John T, Bristol, 4:02 PM 31/03/2015
Stuff Ireland James. Play where you are appreciated. Oh and bring Seamus and Aiden back with you.
Rob, Liverpool, 2:37 PM 31/03/2015
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