England Suits Barkley
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Although Ross Barkley hasn't been on top of his game in the league this season, Roy Hodgson has named him in the England squad.

Phil Jagielka and Leighton Baines are also in the squad, but John Stones is left out.

On Friday 27th March England host Lithuania in a Euro 2016 qualifier at Wembley and four days later the squad travel to Turin for a glamour friendly against Italy on Tuesday 31 March 2015.

Hodgson says: "Barkley certainly could play, just as everyone who is in there is capable of playing.

"I would have to add Luke Shaw's name to that as well because he's in a similar situation as Ross Barkley.

"Sometimes it's important that when you believe in people and you think they do have the potential and the quality that you're looking for as players it's important not to jettison them at the first opportunity or the first time they lose their place in the team or if they're going through a rougher patch.

"If I think these guys could be very important in 2016, now is the time to show that confidence in them if you like.

"Maybe coming away to a different environment, coming to somewhere where the pressure's off a little bit, to be the first name on the first team sheet, training players they don't know so well, maybe it could even help them.

"I think I'm pretty sure that Roberto Martinez and Louis van Gaal will be more than happy that I'm taking them with us and not lost faith in them and sent them back to the under-21s."

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Comments about England Suits Barkley
Amazing, Awesome, Phenomenal - 6 sentences from a football manager actually trying to boost the morale of one of our players by subtle means rather than the crap our own manager comes out with. Perhaps we should pay Roy to teach our manager man-management.
Dave, Joao Pessoa, Brazil, 11:07 AM 22/03/2015
I am so hacked off with the breaks for the National side. We just start to make progress, or get players fit again and up it pops.I didn't watch the World Cup,but believe it has been a big part in our failure this time. RM spent his summer commentating and several players started the season with ready made excuses for poor performances. Then just when we were getting match fitness,up pops a two week break. I won't be watching any Russian or Qatari WC all I give a flying F*** about is Everton and I am now fearful for our wellbeing.
Willy, Eckerslyke, 4:21 PM 21/03/2015
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