Atsu Wins Africa Cup Of Nations Awards
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Ghana's Christian Atsu will fly back to Finch Farm this week as player of the tournament in the Africa Cup of Nations.

Despite going down in the final against Ivory Coast 9-8 on penalties, Atsu also won goal of the tournament for his stunning strike in Ghana's 3-0 quarter-final victory over Guinea.

The 23 year old played in all 6 games in the competition scoring 2 goals. 

Lets hope Christian can bring that form with him when he gets the chance to play for Everton.

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Comments about Atsu Wins Africa Cup Of Nations Awards
I'm disappointed with this one, but I don't understand why he hasn't been played more often...? Hence Chelsea have asked for guarantees of him playing games- that's the rumour isn't it?....or maybe Martinez doesn't fancy putting him in? God knows.
Dave, County Durham, 8:34 PM 10/02/2015
McGeady is not a good player. If Atsu struggles against McGeady, then he hasn't a hope in the premier league.
Ronnie, Shrewsbury, 6:56 PM 10/02/2015
He'll still do well to get in the team ahead of McGeady...
Jon, Leeds, 8:55 PM 9/02/2015
What do I think? I think play him for Christ sake. He looked brilliant in spells. Alright, it's not the same standard as the premier league but the boy has pace and one hell of a shot on him.
Gus, Earth, 2:51 PM 9/02/2015
well done Cristian, now keep it up for the blues.
john, wavertree, 2:35 PM 9/02/2015
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