Jagielka Ready To Dish Out Some Stick To Naismith
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Phil Jagielka should come in direct contact with his Everton team mate Steven Naismith on Tuesday at Celtic Park when Scotland take on England.

Jags is full of praise for the Scot, who has become an Everton crowd favourite.

Jags said: "I don't think it's just this season. When he first came to Everton he came off a bad injury and didn't get the run of games that he would have liked. As soon as he got that run of matches his confidence got up and he got some really important goals for us last season."

"Basically from the start of this season he was our main goalscorer. Hopefully, he has an off day when we play against Scotland. We don't go up against each other much in training because of all the games, we don't have that many 'eye-ball out' sessions where it is ridiculously competitive. But when the pace is picked up in the little possession games and things get a bit heated, he's hard work. We have a lot of good players in training and Naisy is up there with the best.

"The only time a bit of banter might come out is when there is a break in play and I'm close to Naisy.

"That happens in normal games too, if you meet a guy that has moved on from your club. Otherwise you've got enough on your plate than thinking what jokes I can tell him. It depends how well he is doing, if he is doing really well then no chance! If we are doing all right then I'll go looking for him to give him a bit of stick."

Naisy said: "It's going to be strange. It will be a weird experience when you're going for balls together and I'm sure you'll not be thinking about all the banter that goes on, you'll be thinking about the game. After the game it will be back to normal being mates again I suppose.

"You're focused on the job at hand but when the ball goes out of play or there is a break in play then you might say a few words. During the game you'll forget you're playing against Jags or Bainesy or whoever and you'll be concentrating on your game."

Who will come out on top Jags or Naisy? Comment Below. 

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Ye what he said^
Michael, saigon, 10:51 AM 19/11/2014
No injuries please. We've already had too many.
Spectator, Crosby, 1:59 PM 17/11/2014
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