Roy Keane Lashes Out At Martinez
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Republic of Ireland coach, Roy Keane has lashed out at Everton manager, Roberto Martinez for putting pressure on the Everton players not to play for their country.

Keane said: 'I worry that McCarthy is under lots of pressure, particularly from Everton's point of view.

'Because every time there is an international match it does seem to be Seamus and James under lots of pressure. They're turning up or they mightn't turn up, or they're struggling.

'You always get the impression from Everton that Seamus and James are both barely able to walk, that type of thing.

'So when they actually turn up and they are walking through the reception, "Praise the Lord, it's a miracle."

'There has to be, I think, some sort of sit-down conversation and say, "Listen, I think Martin's been more than good enough here, particularly the friendlies but these are big qualifying matches now." 

'Roberto Martinez has to look after his club and he is probably thinking they have European games.

'Roberto, I don't think, has ever played senior level at international level and maybe he doesn't appreciate how big it is for us and how big the games are for us.'

'We talk about the manager here and the manager there but there's a player in between all that, and I can speak from experience, he's under lots of pressure too.

'There is a guarantee that when the player turns up they are getting phone calls left, right and centre from their 15 physios at the club.'

'You're also hoping the player can make the decision and say, 'I'll give it a go' or whatever it might be.

'Some times it may be up to the player to say, "Listen, I'm going to try and train, whatever my club manager says or whatever the doctor says or whatever the scan says" because you do know your own body.

'Whatever way you look at it, James didn't train all week It's not as if he went out and had a jog, it's not as if he's joined in a little bit of possession. So that was a difficult one.'

OK. Now it's your turn. Do you agree with Keane? Comment Below. 

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Comments about Roy Keane Lashes Out At Martinez
Roberto putting pressure on his players not to play? Keane going public to mass media questioning players integrity and exposing them to be vilified by fans and the media alike.... now that's pressure. Numptiea
Tony, wavertree, liverpool, 5:49 PM 19/11/2014
It was only recently everyone was praising Keane for his comments about Everton being the heart and soul of the city.
mark, north wales, 7:19 PM 17/11/2014
Only one word can describe Keane- Hypocrite Gave out about Shay Given turning up non stop for ROI Gave out about SAF bringing the club into disrepute over a race horse Gave out about lack of preparation by the FAI in Saipan Gave out about Mick McCarthy, Niall Quinn, Haaland, Schmeichal, class of 92 , Carlos Queroz, and the chips in Harry Ramsdens The man is a walking arsehole with a stupid accent, He is holding down 3 jobs, Ireland arse manager, Villa arse manager and ITV arse analyst- "Greedy Young Man" Brian Clough. What must Coleman, Gibson, Jimmy Mac and McGeady be thinking, they have just been accused of faking injury, and lets be honest hypocrite Roy knows all about that accusation.
Fran, Dublin, 5:24 PM 17/11/2014
Good beard, shame it doesn't bring a more refined philosophical stance from Keano. Possibly has a point but tact was never his strongpoint.
Mick, Dublin, 2:40 PM 17/11/2014
Poor Roy! If nasty Spanish man Martinez had not interfered these lads would have played the game of their lives and the horrible Jocks would have been beaten and he and Martin would be Hibernian heroes. Shame on you Roberto for standing in the way of his ultimate destiny.Tosser!
R Gordon, Florizel Street, 1:41 PM 17/11/2014
I hope they do meet and Roberto takes Big Dunc with him.. Love to see the gobsh@te mouth off to Dunc!!
Gazza, Widnes, 1:35 PM 17/11/2014
Hypocritical gobshite. Cheap shots about Roberto not having ever been an international just make him look like the pathetic loser he is. Martinez's job is to look after EVERTON - NOT anyone else. Do one, Keane - come back when you've achieved something as a manager or coach!
Rich H, Barnsley, 1:21 PM 17/11/2014
The man is a nightmare, how he ever got back to the Republic of Ireland set up is beyond me. After his disgraceful conduct against McCarthy, Bonner and Kellyin the WC 2002. Heres a man who walked out on his country and left them a squad member down. But it goes further back than that, i suppose he told Brian Clough "he was going" when at Forrest, hypocrite ! Soon forgets about Gibbo's 12 month off with a cruciate picked up for his country, so give Everton some slack or i'll give you a slap ! As for the press being intrusive, yes they are an unsavoury bunch, especially when you constantly give them something to print.
LES, PHUKET, 12:43 PM 17/11/2014
I agree players should be available for important internationals but is he saying McCarthy WAS fit?? He was hobbling around the pitch for the last 5 minutes against Sunderland and apparently only walked around the the pitch for training without even jogging or kicking a ball last week!? So is he saying he was asked to fake it??! He seemed clearly injured!?
Dan, Southport, 11:09 AM 17/11/2014
Unbelievable. This coming from someone who not only walked out of the Ireland squad during a World Cup, but also deliberately broke legs for fun and is proud of it.
Dr Hfuhruhurr, Hull, 10:34 AM 17/11/2014
Hey Roy, Why not mouth off to Blatter and Platini.They are responsible for these oh so frequent 'International breaks' When you were playing,before you flounced off,they didn't come around anywhere near as often.I reckon that if they had and you were needed by Man U then Sir Alec would have discovered some strain or stiffness to keep you at Carrington.
Willy, Eckerslyke, 10:17 AM 17/11/2014
Is this the same Keane who ended Alf-inge Håland career!
Peter Dutton, Wirral, 9:55 AM 17/11/2014
Mr keane you walked out on your club .. And to say Bob doesn't understand the importance of football qualifying competions is unjust People in glasshouses 😉!!! NSNO !!!
Colin , EVERTON , 9:51 AM 17/11/2014
People in glass houses Mr Keane . !!
Dee blue, Chester, 8:56 AM 17/11/2014
I tend to agree with Keane here. Martinez is no more guilty than most club managers, and at least he hasn't whined publicly about his players playing international football like a certain manager across the park, but I do think the money in top-level club football means that international football is now the poor relation and not treated as seriously as it once was. I also think Keane's walk-out of the Irish World Cup squad was because he took it very seriously and didn't feel that others were approaching it in the same way, so I'm not sure it weakens his argument here.
Dickie, UK, 8:36 AM 17/11/2014
Roy obviously doesn't remember anything before 2003. #hypocrite
Matt Pearson Jones, Perth, 8:31 AM 17/11/2014
This big mouth was always loathed by all bar the clubs he played for, seems intent on living life under a big black cloud.
Alan, Hinckley, 8:17 AM 17/11/2014
Love this guy, but this is fecking bollocks to be fair........
Acko, Wallasey , 8:12 AM 17/11/2014
Now you know why Keane will never make a club manager :o)
paul, Warrington, 7:58 AM 17/11/2014
Says the man who walked out on his country at a World Cup because of the facilities not being up to 'his' standard.
Matthew Barry, Cardiff, 7:45 AM 17/11/2014
Fair enough I suppose but a bit rich of him to say Roberto doesn't understand the significance of the games given Roy Keane walked out on his country during a world cup !
marc, kirkby, 7:44 AM 17/11/2014
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