Gibson Ready To Take His Chance In Place Of McCarthy
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With James McCarthy missing from the Irish Republic squad, it could mean that Darron Gibson will get a start in the games against Gibraltar and Germany.

The Everton midfielder has given his views about the new autobiography by Irish coach Roy Keane.

Gibbo said: "It's been hard, like. Coming back and having to fight for my place has been hard. I knew I would have to fight for it. I didn't realise that mentally it would be so tough but I'm gonna keep pushing, keep going until I'm starting.

"Being out for so long, it was going to take me a while to get back in the swing of things and get match fit, but the start of the season was just about getting minutes. Now I'm ready to go.

"If we get three points on Saturday. All the lads will be looking forward to it against some of the best players in the world. They won the World Cup, so it is good to put ourselves up against a team like that and hopefully we can perform.

"I spoke to Fletch [Scotland's Darren Fletcher] after their game and he said they can be beat. Maybe they just played well or Germany played bad: I don't know, but we are going to go into the game focused and try to get something out of it.

"Obviously Sir Alex brought me in and gave me a chance, so I've a lot to be thankful to him for. 

"Roy Keane was my idol growing up watching football. They were big influences on my career and it's nice to be working with one now.

"I've not seen any of the comments in the book, so I'm in no position to comment.

"Different players have different views. Obviously Roy seen it a different way than I seen it. But Roy was there an awful lot longer than I was.

"I don't think there's anything that personal in the book, to be honest." 

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Comments about Gibson Ready To Take His Chance In Place Of McCarthy
totally echo Willy's comments.
bleu, france, 6:16 AM 9/10/2014
With the team having to adapt to all these changes all the time, it will mean Everton will be even slower off the mark than normal but in the long run we will be a stronger team for it!.....Unless we lose Nais or Baines of course, coz then we be fcuked!
doug, Liverpool, 12:26 AM 9/10/2014
It was obvious to me that when Gibbo played in Russia he was nowhere near his best, his passing at best was poor, but we know he can be a super player, just needs playing time, and keeping injury free. As for Roy Keane being anyones idol ? well we all have our choices i suppose
LES, PHUKET, 5:26 PM 8/10/2014
Unfortunately injury prone, but how can he know there's nothing personal in Keane's book if he hasn't read any comments? Bit odd.
Spectator, Crosby, 11:28 AM 8/10/2014
It didn't look too good an idea in Russia to me. Too similar to Barry,he would make a good pair with Macca, perhaps,but is not aggressive/energetic enough to compete in a pair with another similar player.I'd rather see Mo or Bryan playing that role.
Willy, Eckerslyke, 11:13 AM 8/10/2014
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