Stones In Dreamland At Wembley
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John Stones started his first ever England game in a 1-0 win over Norway last night.

Winning his 3rd England cap in the process, the Everton defender was in dreamland at Wembley.

Stonesy played 80 minutes while Leighton Baines played the full 90 minutes to win his 26th cap and Phil Jagielka won his 28th cap for his 5 minute substitute appearance. 

Stonesy said: "It was very surreal, singing the national anthem out there with players who I have watched for years and years. To be out there was an absolute dream come true.

"There were a lot of young and exciting players with the likes of Wayne and the experienced players still in there to keep us grounded and knowing what we are doing on the pitch.

"I think there was a great combination tonight of youth and experience. 

"Jags is always talking to me before the game and all the defenders and keeper were giving me advice and wishing me good luck, which is always nice. 

"Jags and Bainesy, my team-mates at Everton, are always helping me out and I thank them for that."

"We've been working hard in training on our shape and I thought we caused them a lot of problems, not only defensively but on the attack we looked really sharp. We could have had many more goals than that,.

"The gaffer has been drilling it into us about our defensive shape and I think tonight there were a lot of positives.

"We've got to put the World Cup behind us and that's a great start here at Wembley, a 1-0 victory. Hopefully we can take that forward and keep progressing." 

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Comments about Stones In Dreamland At Wembley
I think our players do not play in their proper positions then they should not be picked. Woy as already ruined Jags with playing LCB when he is RCB. Play in right positions or don't come knocking on the Goodison door. Baines will be playing up front next week. Woy is useless.
tony, lancs, 11:31 AM 6/09/2014
Unfortunately, playing in the current England set up will only get Stonesy into the habit of playing with a losing team. That's a scientific observation and not a 'moan'.
John T, Bristol, 9:35 AM 6/09/2014
Agree 100% with #3 glad somebody else can see it.
J, Liverpool , 1:13 AM 5/09/2014
Is it just me, he is not ready yet he gets caught out of position, makes rash challenges and could have caused at least two goals against last night....I know young players have to learn but as against Liverpool last season we can't afford these lapses especially now.....
Wrighty, Dudley, 10:15 PM 4/09/2014
Change of plans Stonesy lad! I had earmarked you as one for "The Fuuutuuure" but realised we might not have one if we keep playing like we have been at the back for the last few games so.. You're Up!
Future Boy, Liverpool, 8:53 PM 4/09/2014
I didn't watch the match last night and only saw England's games in the World Cup. I hope this is only temporary,but I'm incredibly jaded with the the whole International scene.The thought of a Russian and then Qatari tournament, particularly the latter, fill me with total apathy. These side shows so early in our season, which Fifa give not a flying fornication for, are pointless. I know I'm probably just a sad old get,but I long for the days when the World Cup was about footballing excellence and not political posturing and we improved our own kids by playing the "Home Internationals" Euros next. Anyone really fancy games in Ukraine? Russia? Any of the other troubled Balkan states? I do though feel sorry for this generation of kids who have inherited this ennui from earlier decisions and regimes.
Win, Stafford, 3:16 PM 4/09/2014
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