Tim Wants USA To Bully
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Tim Howard is pleased with the progress which his country have made in the last three World Cups but he reckons that if USA are to progress further than the Second Round then they need to start to bully teams.

Tim said: ' We probably need to, at our best, be more dominant, we have a good team with very talented players who play in big leagues and big games. Collectively we need to be able to come together and, in a game like the Ghana game for example, dominate.

'From start to finish, be the team who do the bullying. That takes time, it's a mindset, but we have the ability to do it. We feel good about some of the things we did. We expected to do those things as well, but it is nice to accomplish them. We're disappointed because Ghana was a game we felt we could win, going in to it we felt this was an opportunity for us to move even further in the World Cup and we didn't do that.

Tim also spoke of his 'assist' which started the move to the injury time winning goal against Algeria, scored by Landon Donovan which left the USA top of the Group.

Tim said: 'It was pretty wide open at that point, the game, really back and forth. I remember the cross coming over  and, once I got the ball and ran forward to throw it to Landon, I had an ocean to throw it in. As pin-point and accurate as the throw was, it wasn't very difficult. Landon, as he does when I get the ball, gets himself in very good spots. As you know, the rest is history. He made the play work.'

Let's hope you are recorded with many assists for Everton next season Tim and it's us who are doing the bullying.

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Comments about Tim Wants USA To Bully
Tim, can't you bully our board into signing yer mate Landon?
Graham, Runcorn, 3:08 PM 23/07/2010
'Let's hope you are recorded with many assists for Everton next season Tim and it's us who are doing the bullying' - of course it will be, it's the Everton way of playing. Dogs of war.
Razz, Skem, 7:07 AM 23/07/2010
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