Heitinga Falls At The Final Hurdle
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Johnny Heitinga's Holland side lost eventually after extra time to the Spaniards last night as the Dutch went down 1-0 to an Inesta goal in the 2010 World Cup Final...

Everton favourite, Heitinga unfortunately was sent off late on as English referee Howard Webb showed the Dutch man his second yellow card for pulling back Inesta. Still it's a fantastic achievement to get to a World Cup Final.

It'll be a few weeks off with his feet up now for Johnny, but hopefully it won't too long before he is pulling on the Royal Blue shirt again, as he will no doubt be helping the Blues to World domination.

Keep your clogs up Johnny.


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Comments about Heitinga Falls At The Final Hurdle
I think Jonny did get a medal, I was wondering that as well because as he came down the steps I spotted he wasn't wearing one. However, as the Spanish walked through the Dutch guard of honour back onto the pitch, Capdevilla embraces Jonny with a pat on the neck, then as Casillas shakes our Jonny's hand, you can see Jonny holding something in his hand which does look like a medal all wrapped up in the ribbon. Maybe he took it off like the Dutch gaffer (or was told to!) or maybe the Dutch boss gave him his!
Mike, Birkenhead, 10:46 PM 13/07/2010
Unlucky Johnny lad, I was desperate for the dutch to win, can't stand the Spain squad seens half the fuckin country supports them over England because of Torres. Only good part was watchin him pull up with injury =)
Michael, Liverpool, 2:11 PM 13/07/2010
Kevin Keegan must have been drooling over the Mighty Perm of Poyol! Wasn’t it amazing!? Seriously though why is this article called “Heitinga Falls At The Final Hurdle” when we all know it was Tootsie Torres! What happened to Torres is proof that wearing high heels on a regular basis and playing football don’t mix!!! (John Barnes could tell you that, I think he did a rap about it somewhere) Either that or Tootsie Torres had an epiphany, realised how shit he really was and feigned injury as it seemed the right thing to do at the time! But If he really is crocked, the reds won’t be able to sell or play him. Technically speaking..... Buggered! (Queue the canned Evil Laugh from thriller!) Aaar Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!
Doug, Edge Hill Liverpool, 6:43 PM 12/07/2010
Webb just proved to the world last night what we at Everton have known for years.... he's a simple, useless twat. That was never a sending off. Fuck him Johnny, we know you didn't deserve to walk... and Iniesta should have been flagged offside 2 seconds before he scored. Does anyone know if Johnny got a medal? I didn't spot him collecting on on the tv.
Mick, Maghull, 2:04 PM 12/07/2010
Well in Jonny lad, it was great to see an Evertonian in the World Cup Final, unlucky with the result. It was great when Dick Kunt went off as there were then more Everton players on the pitch than Shite players. Quality! Now have a nice couple of weeks rest Jonny, get back to Finch Farm, and help end the wait for Silverware!
Jon, Skipton, 1:33 PM 12/07/2010
I agree, Johnny Bravo is a legend and torres has shown the world that he is actually a shower of sh!te. Great Stuff
Bobby V, Not Liverpool, Stupid Armed Forces (get me home), 1:11 PM 12/07/2010
i agree with mike, sat there and watched the dullest game of football ever and the only time i could bring myself to jump to my feet was when Heitinga twatted lady boy, fuckin brilliant.Oh and when the tranny pulled up with a groin strain.
sean, allerton, 12:23 PM 12/07/2010
He might have got sent off but he still managed to send torres on his arse, 10-15 seconds after him coming on the pitch. He really is a blue.
Mike, Liverpool, 11:09 AM 12/07/2010
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