Go Jonny Go
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So after four weeks, sixty odd matches, and many many hangovers the 2010 World Cup Final is upon us.

The Blues have a representative in the Final for the first time since 1966 when Ray Wilson helped lift the Cup for England.

Tonight I hope all Blues fans will be going Dutch as our boy Jonny Heitinga hopes to emulate Ray's feat from 1966 and help his homeland Holland win the Sports most coveted trophy.

The play Spain in the Final and they are as we know infested by shite and some ex shite players.

I am off down the pub now in my clogs, with my lump of Edam under my arm, my funny cigarette, and my token for those luvverly ladies in the windows later.

Good luck Jonny from your Blue fan club!!

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Comments about Go Jonny Go
Come on....Jonny had to go! If Gerrard had done that to one of ours in a Derby you'd have been screaming for a red card. It was a professional foul and the Dutch were asking for it all game. My missus won £50 on Spain so its a meal out tomorrow for me and the best team (by a mile) won.....and the ladyboy pulled up yet again!! Now if anyone wants to mention players having a poor World Cup....look no further than him!
Degsy24, Liverpool, 2:20 AM 12/07/2010
Lawrence Kelly, Uttoxeter, 12:25 AM 12/07/2010
Heitinga should never have been sent off then that cheating cunt Iniesta gets the winning goal, fuck off world cup and bring on the PL. I just hope that Wanker Webb does'nt referee any of our games.
Daz C, Stoke, 10:42 PM 11/07/2010
Poor Johnny ... bet he feels he lost it ... but Iniesta certainly milked it ... come back and win a trophy for us la'.
BW Johnson, New Zealand, 10:41 PM 11/07/2010
Best of luck to Johnny and Holland. Should be a cracking match!
Drew, Cardiff, 7:21 PM 11/07/2010
Good luck Jonny boy World cup winner playing for the blue boys
Phill_Mcferran, HUNTS CROSS, 4:46 PM 11/07/2010
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