Sylvain Surprised By France Early Exit
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Sylvain Distin has added his two-penneth to all those who have earlier commented on his home country getting an early flight home from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Dissa sat at home and watched the scenario unfold to an even worse outcome than the England debacle. France lost twice and were held to a draw in their three matches to become the first World Champions ever to exit in the first round.

Problems in the camp, bust ups, mutiny and the sending home of Le Sulk had Sylvain baffled

Sylvain said : 'It is a shame, I didn't expect France to win the World Cup but I didn't expect what happened either. I don't think anyone will ever know what happened except the players and staff who were there. At the moment it is a big mix of feelings and no-one really understands what happened.'

'When they took the decision not to do the training session I don't think they realised what was going to happen after. When they realised it was too late.'

'I think if they had a player, like Patrick Vieira for example, he might be a player who said 'think about this first, it's not going to change anything' - and it didn't.'

'But I can't judge because I wasn't there. Maybe there is also stuff that we don't know about that caused them to take the decision.'

Don't worry about the French Dissa just get a good pre-season in and get us off to a good start on August 14th!

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it's a pitty they didnt send buzz lightyear to the rescue!
justin halligan, waterford, 6:41 PM 7/07/2010
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