Final Fling
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Eight started (I think), but Jonny Heitinga is the last Everton man standing in this year's World Cup.

His Holland side beat Uruguay 3-2 in the semi final in Cape Town to progress to Sundays Final.

Jonny will be up there alongside Ray Wilson, the late great Alan Ball, oh yep and Marco Materazzi who have won the World Cup and also wore the Royal Blue in their careers.

Fingers crossed now for Jonny as our Blue Army turn Orange on Sunday as they face either Spain or De Germans in the Final.

Good luck, here's Jonny.......

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Comments about Final Fling
Well done to Johnny, now go win it!
dodgy, coventry, 1:35 PM 7/07/2010
Did anyway else hear Carragher being interviewed about Englands poor showing in the WC. He said " when you look at our team and say, the Dutch, we are so much better than them on paper. Who have they got ( he said ) the likes of Van Bronckhorst and Heitinga, well we've much better players than them 2 for a start.... he needs sitting down and told to watch VB's goal last night and then ask him why any none of the current England crop didn't manage a goal like that and as for slagging JH !! Perhaps he thinks England should play on paper cos they're better on paper. Sums em really...think they are Gods gift and think they only have to turn up in order to win cos they millionaires, many times over who think above their station. They need to put in a days graft and thats why we need to sign players like Stephen Ireland for Everton, honest hard workers like JH.
rhino, reading berks, 11:47 AM 7/07/2010
Well in Johnny Heitinga lad....
Paul, Bootle, 2:52 AM 7/07/2010
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