Howard Positive On USA World Cup
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Although out of the World Cup, Everton's Tim Howard is positive about the USA's performance in South Africa.

Tim said: "I think we've gotten better. I think that shows in the last month and certainly in the last year with the Confederations Cup. We've gotten better but still have a ways to go."

"It was certainly a missed opportunity because we felt like we were in the game and at times we were the better team, but that means nothing because they put in the performance that won the game."

"We were on the front foot, I felt like we were on the ascendancy when we got the goal. We got a few chances and really pinned them back in the second half which we knew we would. It was just a bridge too far for us. We can't keep producing these magical moments because you just run out of gas."

"It's a good group. We've talked about that for four years. It's a good group, it's a good bunch of guys who never give up and that's not a cliché, we've proven that time and again. Of course we're proud and disappointed, but we'll have to go back to the drawing board and try to figure things out."

"I think it's about seizing the opportunity when we get it. We had good opportunities, we felt like, in all the games. We were certainly right in the thick of it and I think that's the next level for U.S. Soccer. Before, it was always being the underdog and I think if you look at the last four games we were right in the thick of them. We need to get to the point where we can start dictating the tempo and telling other teams to get on our playing field."

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