Mucha Ready For Heitinga
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Everton's new keeper, Jan Mutcha comes face to face with his new team mate, John Heitinga today at 3.00pm in the World Cup in South Africa. The Slovak keeper will hope that his side can produce another shock of the tournie by beating the Dutch man.

Vladimir Weiss, Slovakia coach said: "The Netherlands play differently from Italy, with a game based on multiple passes and creating surprises, that's their quality. They play differently with or without Robben, who's a top, world-class player - they have five or six of them. But we also have some top players who managed to beat Italy."

In the Italy game, we and they were under a lot of pressure because just one team was going to be happy at the end. I expect a similar atmosphere tomorrow in what is a decisive match. Everything's possible and we'll have to show something more of a performance."

"What we've learnt since we started the World Cup is that everything's possible, but that's an old cliche. What we have shown is that we can play football against very strong teams.

Of course we came here to fight for something sensational for us. We hope it'll be a beautiful game for us tomorrow. If we want to play well against the Netherlands, we'll have to repeat our performance against Italy, for whom we have big respect."

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