Yep It Was Some Miss
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As misses go it was up there with the best of them. Yakubu's howler near the death in the 2-2 draw against South Korea has been ridiculed as one of the worst ever, and even though he wears the Royal Blue it is hard to disagree.

Instead of facing Uruguay today in the Last 16, Yak and Joey are having a few weeks me time before returning to Goodison.

Yak has asked his Nigerian country men to forgive him. They will mate, worse things happen at sea !!

The Yak said: "I must confess that I feel disappointed in myself for not scoring when I had only the net to beat in the game against Korea.

But the truth is that it happens always in football. You can come very close and yet fail to score.

I hope Nigerians will appreciate this fact and forgive me. I came here to score goals, but sometimes things don't go one's way no matter how hard you try.

The World Cup is over for us. What we need do now is to put it behind us and plan for the future."

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If Carlsberg did sitter misses. This would be one of them! West Ham, he's all yours!
doug, Edge hill, 11:04 PM 26/06/2010
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