Its All Your Fault
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Blues Cap e Tan Phil Neville has revealed that USA Coach Bruce Arena (Tina's Dad) told him that Landon Donovan's Everton experience made him into a better player.

Landon is currently making a name for himself at this year's World Cup, scoring two and helping his homeland win Group C.

All Blues fans however knew of Landon's abilities after his three month spell at Goodison Park, and all of us as one want him back.

C'mon Bill find the dosh lad !!

Phil says: "As soon as I got to the Athletes Performance Centre the LA Galaxy coach Bruce Arena took me round for a tour and the first thing he said was thanks for what you did for Landon because he came back from Everton a different player.

I think that was probably the biggest step in Landon's career and we have played a massive part in that. 

I know Landon was really pleased with his time at Everton and he knew he'd made the right decision to come over but to hear from the staff at LA Galaxy that we helped Landon and to hear that it wasn't just the stuff we did with him on the pitch, they mentioned how we treated him and the way he was accepted into the Club. 

That is something Landon's not had at any other club he's been to."

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LMAO@joe, when did Beckham play for inter?? i must of been in a coma
bob, liverpool, 12:25 PM 27/06/2010
We should do our best to sign Landon,but hes loyal to his club and country and he slated Beckham when he wanted to stay on at Inter.Therefore make him an offer he carnt refuse and also make a bid for Clint Dempsey from Fulham. Shrewd buys which are superstar players.
Joe Mc, kirkby, 4:14 AM 26/06/2010
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