Everton Keeper Makes History
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Jan Mucha joined his Everton goalkeeper colleague, Tim Howard into the next stage of the World Cup. Mucha and his Slovakia team mates beat the World Champions Italy 3-2 to go through with Paraguay from Group F.

In a historic game, Slovakia went 2-0 up with Mucha not having a save to make in the first half.

The new Everton keeper had plenty to do in the second half, making saves, punching crosses away, play acting and getting booked for handbags. An amazing victory. Well done Jan, kidda!

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Comments about Everton Keeper Makes History
There is a rumour going around that Tim is going back to the states and is willing to be a part of a greater deal that Brings Donovan back to us in exchange for Tim signing for them...Still not sure about the Mucha lad though...after seeing his performance against Italy He certainly looks the part, but we really dont need the Betty Davis side of him...
Richy Styles, Kirkdale (via Norway), 2:51 AM 28/06/2010
Me too Harry, hope he don't bring his amateur dramatics to goodison, thats not our style at all.
Dave W, South Shields, 12:22 PM 25/06/2010
What we've seen so far against Paragauy and the Italians this lad looks alright and will put pressure on Howard this year. Plus he is yet to be beaten from 30 yards yet which we all know is one of Tims little traits.
Steve g, Melbourne, 9:08 AM 25/06/2010
Wasent too impressed with all the crying he done on the floor, couldn't be bothered paying money to watch a grown man do that... Well played though to Slovakia.
Harry B, Lpool, 9:52 PM 24/06/2010
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