Dutch Ace Wants 3 Wins
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Everton ace Johnny Heitinga lines up in an unchanged Holland side for the third match running in Group E of the world cup.

Cameroon are the Dutch opponents for a 7.30pm kick-off tonight. A win will secure the top of the group spot for the Netherlands and it will keep them at sea level for the next round.

Johnny hopes his team will play the same as the 1-0 win against Japan.

Heitinga said: "We were the better team from kickoff against Japan. I think we kept calm and remained concentrated from the start. We know they have a lot of pace and so we had to wait for that one moment. When that comes, you have to be very alert and I think we did that well. A lot has been said and written about the defense, but we know, each single one of us, what we're capable of. We all try to give it our best."

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Comments about Dutch Ace Wants 3 Wins
Johnny who? Heitinga? Nah sorry, don't know him! Is he one of those wanna beees who wants to play for a "BIG CLUB" like ManC__ity? I can see him in the Dragons Den for some reason!
Doug, ON THE EDGE HILL, 11:34 PM 24/06/2010
come on johnny lad 3 out of 3 lad holland 4-0 heitinga hat trick hahahaha
danny, aintree, 6:42 PM 24/06/2010
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