Howard's Clean Sheet Wins The Day
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Everton's Tim Howard kept a clean sheet as USA won their final game to finish top of Group C in the World Cup in South Africa. It was another Everton favourite Landon Donovan who scored the winner with seconds remaining. The 1-0 win over Algeria put USA top of the group.

Tim said: "First half was a little bit touch-and-go, second half wasn't a soccer game. It was more like a track meet, back and forth. Both teams are so desperate because when you come to the last game, you know you have to throw caution to the wind."

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Comments about Howard's Clean Sheet Wins The Day
Isn't the USA qualifying from the group stage one of the Harbingers of The Apocalypse?!!! Well done Tim & Landon. Born in the USA, but refined at Goodison!!!
Mick, Maghull, 2:24 PM 24/06/2010
It's not down to Landon or Everton whether he moves to us or not, the MLS part own him and even if LA Galaxy wanted to sell their BEST player (David who?) they couldn't. The best we can hope for is his services again for a few more vital month's next year. Personally I reckon he'll choose us for his loan spell over any of the other teams anyway, an honest proffessional on and of the pitch the sign of a true blue, he'll be more than welcome back in 2011. Congrats Tim & Landon and good Luck against Ghana on saturday.
JT, East Runcorn, 12:16 PM 24/06/2010
congrats T-How and Landon, it was a great game and use deserved it. Sign Donovan up
Katie Smith, liverpool, 12:05 PM 24/06/2010
surley more proof we should break the bank for landon .but i wonder if he wants to come to merseyside for two or 3 years
Richy , egypt, 11:15 AM 24/06/2010
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