Tiny Thanks The Goodison Faithful
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Tim Cahill goes into tonight's do or die clash with Serbia with a huge thank you to all the Everton fans that have supported him in this year's World Cup.

Tiny was sent off for a nothing foul in the Aussies opener against Germany. He missed the Ghana draw, but is available tonight for the clash Australia must win to progress to the knockout stages.

Good luck Tiny never thought me an English man would be shouting for the Aussie's.

Tiny said: "I want to thank the Everton fans for their support during the World Cup. They know how much I love the club so it means a lot when they back me when I go away with Australia.

It was a really low point for me after the Germany game but to know the fans back at Everton were behind me meant a lot."

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Comments about Tiny Thanks The Goodison Faithful
us evertonians love you as much as your fellow countrymen.... good luck TIM keep neeting for club and country.
steve mclou, litherland, 10:55 AM 24/06/2010
The man is everton, after another 5 years he'll be down in history with the greats, all the best timmy lad
Gav, Lpool, 11:22 PM 23/06/2010
its great how he still shows how he cares about us, even when he's at the world cup, true legend timmy, true legend
john, bootle, 11:15 PM 23/06/2010
Tim is a legend and is a talisman for club and country all the best lad.
syndex, gibraltar, 10:22 AM 23/06/2010
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