Yak and Joey Out
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Joey and The Yak can think now about a few weeks on a nice beach somewhere after their World Cup dreams ended last night in South Africa.

The Yak netted a penalty but it was not enough to beat South Korea, as they were held to a 2-2 draw, which meant that The Koreans progressed through to the knockout stages with Argentina.

So it's flip flops on, beach hat on, sun cream on, and a few jars on the old Chang, before heading back to Goodison, or maybe even Upton Park for the new season.

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I hardly ever agree with that smug, pasty-faced alan shearer. But in his opinion yakubu's dire miss in the world cup last night was the worst miss he's ever seen in his life. It was funny if you weren't a nigerian and doesnt bode well for the new season if we have to keep paying his seldomly earned high wage packet.
glen, winsford, 11:53 AM 23/06/2010
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