Something Special Deulofeu Ready To Thrive At Everton
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Gerard Deulofeu is "something special" according to Everton skipper Phil Jagielka.

Jags hopes that Gerry, who signed a three year deal yesterday will become a "matchwinner" for The Toffees.

Deulofeu's stint at Sevilla (4 goals in 29 games) was described as unsuccessful by the Spanish media, but Gerry had 9 assists in 22 hours on the pitch. More than Mirallas, McGeady, Lennon and Naismith had in 120 hours combined. (Thanks to @Matt_Cheetham for the stat) 

Jags said: "We've not had an up-close view of him over these past 12 months but it will be interesting to see how he's added to that and matured into his position and it will be exciting for the fans to come and watch him. 

"We've kept an eye on him when he went on loan at Sevilla. He did really well for us in his spell on loan and looked like he was going to kick on and get a chance at Barcelona. Obviously that didn't really happen but he's a fantastic player, he's got so much ability and he's a really good character, a really funny lad to have around the changing room.  

"He didn't speak the most English when he came but tried his best and it's nice for the manager to be able to go out there and attract these players to want to come back.  

"It's a nice little pat on the back for us as players and staff that the environment we put him in last time he was desperate to come back to.  

"We'll welcome him with open arms on 6th July and give him a little bit of stick and things like that. It's nice to see that the deal is done pretty early on in the summer and we can get a good pre-season out of him.

"We hope he's matured in some areas, but as far as winning matches. Getting those goals, getting those crosses in, beating people, winning free-kicks and things like that. He's something special. 

"We have not had a up close personal look at him over the past 12 months, just the odd game on Sky. It will be interesting to see how he has grown and matured into his position. It's an exciting times for the fans to come and watch him. He's always going to be a menace and create things and I'm sure that's why the manager has brought him in."  

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Comments about Something Special Deulofeu Ready To Thrive At Everton
Bit concerned our first 2 signings of the summer are Tom and Gerry. Hope that's not all folks.
Rob, City centre, 11:09 AM 29/06/2015
Just wanted to say a final goodbye and good luck to everybody at Bluekipper. Thanks for everything. It's been a blast. Easily the best Evertonian website ever.
Spectator, Crosby, 10:34 AM 29/06/2015
Ha ha, who REALLY would have thought 2 seasons ago we'd have signed Lukaku, Deulofeu and Barry all on permanent deals with Manchester United Tom Cleverly already in the bag? In your face Mr Martin Samuel West Ham Fan! IN YOUR FACE!
Doug, Liverpool , 3:46 PM 28/06/2015
was at the emirates special goal from a special player.
gaz, deeside, 3:12 PM 27/06/2015
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