CONFIRMED Deulofeu Joins Cleverly At Everton with more to come
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Everton have signed Gerrard Deulofeu from Barcelona for £4.2m on a 3 year deal with an option of another year.

The contract includes a release clause if Barcelona make an offer to Everton meeting certain requirements within the first two years, and Barcelona also have a right of first refusal if Everton decide to sell the player. 

Roberto Martinez is happy to have Gerry and Tom Cleverley signed ready to start preseason on 6th July. 

Roberto said: "It was always our intention to work extremely hard behind the scenes to get some really good business done early on during the transfer window.

"Our objective was to secure Tom and Gerard as quickly as we could and I'm really pleased this is exactly what we've done.

"Having done this now, we will have more time over the remainder of the window to carry on strengthening our squad, which is already strong, and we will use this time ahead of us well.

"We are getting an even more mature player now than he was a couple of seasons ago and a player who considers Everton as home.

"This is why we are incredibly excited to have him back here on a permanent basis and to encourage him to grow, develop and mature his enormous talent."

Welcome home Gerry.

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Comments about CONFIRMED Deulofeu Joins Cleverly At Everton with more to come
Pleased with the Deulofeu signing and, for a change, all contributors here are of the same mind - so it must be a good thing.
John T, Bristol, 12:26 PM 27/06/2015
Excellent news! Now. What's the plan if Rom gets a knock? Don't say Kone anyone...
blue, York, 9:55 AM 27/06/2015
I loved this lad when he was here previously, however mates who live on the continent are concerning. I have heard since his loan spell ended, he's gone backwards. Doubts over his fitness and work rate. Be cautious lads, getting a bargain here but there's got to be w catch her
Frank Gladys street, Costa del Bootle, 9:08 PM 26/06/2015
Bit of perspective, didnt play all games last time here and never played for Seville. A reason its below 4m #hype
Marc, Jaguar, 8:11 PM 26/06/2015
Great signing. Biggest problem we had last season was a lack of balance on the left. With Pienaar and Oviedo out for most of the time Baines/Garbutt must have thought they had BO as nobody wanted to play in front of them. There were times they had nobody within 30 yards of them.
Rob, City Centre, 2:42 PM 26/06/2015
As much as I like Lennon and like most thought the pace he brought in second half of last season was a huge lift I kind of hope this signing is a 2 fingers up to Spurs and the ridiculous valuations of players. The lad has a bit to live up to after that maiden season on loan but a great move and sure he is up to it. Granted only a 4>5m signing but calibre good enough to shut the Blue Union up for a while too
Oscar, Crosby, 12:18 AM 26/06/2015
Great piece of business , Bob has come in for a lot of stick for some of his transfers , but Players like Deulofeu and Lukaku and Cleverely on a free would never have signed with David Moyes as manager . Hope we can secure a number 10 , Kagawa would do nicely !
Bluenoseronnie, Londonderry, 11:28 PM 25/06/2015
A great buy and the lad can only get better.Looking forward to the new season.Welcome home Gerry.coyb
Doug Newbold, Woolton, 7:44 PM 25/06/2015
Play Him!!!!
Gus, Earth, 6:51 PM 25/06/2015
A great signing and pleased to have him back. Only thing that confuses me is a 3 year deal with the option of another year. Does that mean potentially we only have him for four years and then he leaves again? With this deal I'm clearly missing something!
Paul Le Marinel, Ormskirk, Lancashire, 6:37 PM 25/06/2015
This has made my week. What an absolute fucking bargain. This kid is absolute class. COYB!!!
Ryan, Bournemouth, 5:57 PM 25/06/2015
Well done bill&bob
John oneill, Ireland, 5:36 PM 25/06/2015
Class act . Will bring some flair to the team.
Steve, Raihill, 5:16 PM 25/06/2015
Best news for us in ages.
Mark, Bucks, 5:03 PM 25/06/2015
Great signing , Now we can just hope that we can sign Shaqiri . That would make me a very happy blue.........
chris, wirral, 4:43 PM 25/06/2015
Cracking bit of business brought about because of the relationship he and el bob had...hope Martinez has not lost the plot and has learnt from last seasons debacle....the players must take some responsibility as well and get a grip for the new season!!!!!!
Wrighty, Dudley, 4:38 PM 25/06/2015
All we need now is Spike!!!
Stu, Wirral, 3:41 PM 25/06/2015
Nothing but good news here. The lad reminds me of a young Cristiano Ronaldo. Cracking signing.
Ryan, Bournemouth, 3:30 PM 25/06/2015
Well done Blues & well done Roberto.Great bit of business.Hope he`s as good as last time he was here.Welcome home Gerry.....Now go & get em....
Dave C, Runcorn, 3:24 PM 25/06/2015
Kaiser, Toxteth, 3:09 PM 25/06/2015
Kaiser, Toxteth, 2:54 PM 25/06/2015
Has to be a bargain at 4.3 mil
Dave , Warrington , 2:49 PM 25/06/2015
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