Hard Work Is The Key For Lukaku
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Everton record signing, Romelu Lukaku is looking forward to this season after being criticised for not working hard enough and being dropped by Roberto Martinez.

The Everton striker still went on to score 20 goals for the club, but looking back thinks being dropped was a wake up call he needed.

Rom said: "It was a different context to be fair, it's totally different.

"When I was here on loan last year I used to score goals and everybody would point the fingers at Chelsea and say 'why did you let him leave?'

"Then when I come here and I don't score goals and it's 'why did you come?' 

"I think a lot of people doubted about the qualities that I had, thinking about the transfer and the price tag and stuff. But I never spoke a lot. I just kept on working and kept focused on what I had to do to help my team-mates.

"The manager left me out in December in a couple of games.

"That was a wake-up call for me to look at myself in the mirror and say 'Rom, you're not playing well now, you have to be serious with yourself, you have to work maybe harder'.

"Even though I was working very hard maybe I had to give more.

"That's something that you need to learn as a young player. That when things are not going well you need to push yourself, work hard, do everything you can to get back in the starting line-up and know that the team is the most important thing." 

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Comments about Hard Work Is The Key For Lukaku
Last year the whole team was poor, Lukaku included. But next year looks better than ever, time to fight for a CL spot
Tom Bellew, Sunny Spain, 5:36 PM 25/06/2015
Totally agree with you, John. As long as RM is in charge of team affairs, the only way I can see us going is down, down, down. The guy's a busted flush who fluked the first season on the back of Moyes's hard work, and was caught wanting when the chips were down last season.
Brian Porter, Doncaster, 4:02 PM 24/06/2015
Nice to see this from Lukaku. Sounds like he's up for working and getting back to his best. John T, give it a rest. Martinez has had one really good season and one below average one - why decide he's bad based on that?
Rory O'Keeffe, Liverpool, 12:52 PM 24/06/2015
Rom is but one of the many symptoms of a much greater disease called RM.
John T, Bristol, 9:47 AM 24/06/2015
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