Cleverly Joins Everton On A Free Transfer
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Everton have confirmed that Tom Cleverly will join on a free transfer from Man Utd on a 5 year contract from 1st July 2015.

The 25 year old has passed a medical and is now with his new Everton teammates Phil Jagielka and Ross Barkley with the England squad.

Cleverly played on the left hand side of midfield while on loan with Roberto Martinez at Wigan and is thought to be a long term replacement for Everton veterans Leon Osman and Steven Pienaar.

Roberto said: "We are extremely delighted to be welcoming Tom to Everton and I can think of many reasons as to why our fans will enjoy Tom representing our football club.

"The most important one is that he is a perfect fit for what we are trying to build here as he has so much experience of playing in the Premier League and he still has his best years just ahead of him.

"At the age of 25 and a player who is representing his country, Tom has experienced winning trophies and having big roles in demanding teams.

Having worked with him previously, I know the type of character he is and I know that, with the Everton fans' support, we will get a very special footballer joining our already exciting team.

"It says a lot also, when someone like Tom is available on a free transfer and he can pick his next club out of many options home and abroad, that he has chosen to play for our football club. That's the perfect start to his career here at Everton."

Welcome to paradise Tom! Comment Below. 

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Comments about Cleverly Joins Everton On A Free Transfer
Good signing, Martinez got the best out of him at Wigan no fee involved so nothing to lose. Would love to see podolski next even if on loan I think he could take us up to the next step. Also in need of competition for lukaku, maybe Bamford or rhoads.
Shane , Wales, 7:38 PM 9/06/2015
Too easy for my money. Seems like a tradeoff in the background between the Mighty Blues and manure. Mmm....who have they been promised.....We'll have wait and see and the decide if it was a Cleverly move!
Gerard D'Wonderful, Melbourne, 6:34 AM 9/06/2015
Good signing, if he doesn't have a great season we'll still get ?5m+ for him so we can't lose on this one
Dunc, Toxteth, 4:07 PM 8/06/2015
Bri Number 5 if RM is "King of Blag" you are "King of Sh**" Ross is an England international who need are support. Play him in one position and he will thrive. Slag him like you do and he will want away. As others say Cleverly might not be a marquee signing but on a free he adds to our quality, also he was called up to an international squad so he must be at least average!!
Tess Tickle, The Muncaster Pub, 3:50 PM 8/06/2015
Fine - not a signing to get the pulses racing, but a good one to give the squad a bit more depth.
John T, Bristol, 12:23 PM 8/06/2015
great signing for the blue boys he can only help what has been a nightmare season for us , coyb
kevin phipps, Queensland Australia, 8:00 AM 8/06/2015
Can't believe the complaints about this one. For wages and signing onfee only but still whinging. Ffs lads are we really as pathetic as the other side of the Park or those helmets at the other end of the M62?!
Oscar, Crosby, 2:01 AM 8/06/2015
no tackler, no acceleration, no nose for goal (yes yes but the exception proves the rule) no nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing will give me more pleasure than to feast on those words if this entirely average player develops. Hope so, I really do. Fingers well crossed
blue, york, 1:45 PM 7/06/2015
Good signing for free his form for villa when Sherwood took over was very promising for us so in no loose position if he doesn't do it here then we can sell him on for profit just hope he is not going to be are number 10 though we should sign nolito he is class
david, isle of man, 12:39 PM 7/06/2015
Can't argue with the economics here and when players land at the right club for them then good things happen ,we also can't rely on the much maligned Ossy to sure up a flagging midfield for much longer ,a good age and good prospects COYB
Ian, Prescot, 8:45 AM 7/06/2015
Clever Move! And (like Lennon) wanted so much to join Everton for a while now! Super Uber Morral Booster for the team! On the pitch (unlike other players) Tom goes that extra mile, has an eye for goal with some sick moves to put the oposition in a spin! Now let's splash some money out on Delboy before BeelzEl Bob sticks Lu there perminently!
Doug, Liverpool, 8:28 AM 7/06/2015
whats with all the negativity boys we havnt got 100s of millions to spend. tom is a great signing he was class under bob at wigan and struggled with injuries back at the mancs fergusson did not make many mistakes in the transfer market and i think we'll get his best years welcome tom coyb
paulo, kirkby, 7:51 AM 7/06/2015
I can't believe blogs like Bri Woolton. Must be a red shite. Give the lad a chance. You don't get England selection if u r as bad as he makes out. Like most others on the site I like the signing. Let him play and get behind him.
Brownie, Burscough, 5:08 AM 7/06/2015
He's better than Barry is .... End of chat
John, London, 8:07 PM 6/06/2015
Great signing welcome to goodison Tom ,another three or four signings and things could be looking up
mike, Runcorn , 6:47 PM 6/06/2015
Not sure. prove me wrong.Nnot at the expense of McCarthy though.
gaz, deeside, 5:19 PM 6/06/2015
If I'd been given an option of Tom Cleverley or James Milner Tom would be my choice hands down.Welcome to Everton tTom.
joe, stockbridge, 4:50 PM 6/06/2015
Always liked the lad and more than chuffed that he's decided on us.Fine piece of business. Been compared to Scholes in the past,has the same movement about him,not quite the same vision and passing ability,but times on Tom's side. Yes,been a distant admirer of him,and the same seems about his intentions on coming to us. So nice piece of early doors recruitment by Roberto,next up,a back up striker,that is breathing down Rom's neck.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 4:29 PM 6/06/2015
Can't believe the complaints about this one. For wages and signing onfee only but still whinging. Ffs lads are we really as pathetic as the other side of the Park or those helmets at the other end of the M62?!
Oscar, Crosby, 2:54 PM 6/06/2015
Considering we need cover in the CM position it's a good bit of business. Barry's legs have gone and Gibson is forever sidelined so just leaves us with JMc and Mr.Yellow-Card. The only time I rated him was when he was at Wigan, so hopefully Martinez can get the best out of him again
Neil, Aigburth, 11:42 AM 6/06/2015
Quite a few varied opinions so far so I'll ask just one question. Have any of you seen him playing in the Royal Blue shirt of our beloved Everton? So let's give him a chance eh? COYB
Dave the Blue, Rainford, 11:24 AM 6/06/2015
Well he's on a free,still got years ahead of him & not massive wages so not the worst deal in the world,I don't think he's gonna set the prem alight with us so just have to see how he does but it's another body in midfield piennar & osman just aren't regulars regardless of their quality & they are aging a bit in footy terms we'll just have to see how he gets on ,don't seem him as that creative no.10 we're looking for but he's here now so fingers crossed.
Chris, Seaforth, 10:49 AM 6/06/2015
Absolutely fantastic signing for anyone. Free or a big fee. Every time I have seen him play (which is not much to be fair) he just seems the biz. Like against us recently. QED. Maybe I am getting hyped up but maybe he is part of what has propelled Villa from nobodies to FA Cup finalists once the shackles if a negative manager were taken off him. A bridge too far against the quality of the Arse in the final but I put that down to the naiveity of Tim 'keep shouting at them, no tactical awareness' Sherwood.
Bruiser ray, Donny, 8:48 AM 6/06/2015
Not delighted, but not at all upset about this one. On a free, good player, youngish (we have an aging squad) and English, means a reasonable bit of business I think...
Dave, County Durham, 7:34 AM 6/06/2015
Free? No brainer good business more energy in midfield . Just hope this isn't the "number 10" were after 0 assists in 3 years
J, Liverpool, 2:47 AM 6/06/2015
Good signing for nothing.
Ronnie, Shrewsbury, 11:59 PM 5/06/2015
Free signing , United academy , no brainer
waddersblue, the blue rock, 11:43 PM 5/06/2015
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! What a terrible signing this is. Osman doesn't need replacing - never really good enough. As for him replacing Pienaar - not even close to the quality he's brought.
Michael, Nuneaton, 11:01 PM 5/06/2015
Welcome Tom all the best at the greatest club there is.
Jamie , Bad Lippspringe , 10:43 PM 5/06/2015
No brainer on a free. Welcome to paradise, Tom.
Jon, Leeds, 10:17 PM 5/06/2015
Not a big signing but a solid one. You don't often sign a 25 yr old current England International for nothing. Add to this a few others like Lennon, Deulofeu a centre back and a striker and it will be a good summer of business for me.
seymok, Wirral, 10:01 PM 5/06/2015
I can't believe we've done this. Do we really need another headless chicken in midfield? Apart from a young talented 'keeper, an extra central defender and proven goalscorer, we needed someone with guile and creativity in midfield. We desperately need someone who is not just a midfield runner -we have enough of those already. The fact that we got the bloke on a free says it all. Naturally Roberto "King of Blag" Martinez speaks of him as if he is the second coming of Lionel Messi. But, then again, he announced that Mr Barkley was going to be one of the best England midfielders in the history of the game! I rest my case
Bri, Woolton, 8:27 PM 5/06/2015
Good signing, on a free still young English all good tha, coyb x
Wishy, Knowsley village , 8:17 PM 5/06/2015
Welcome to the best club in the world Tom and Good Luck for the future. COYB
Daz C, Stoke, 7:18 PM 5/06/2015
Gus, Earth, 7:13 PM 5/06/2015
Bl@@dy good bit of business. No fee and reasonable wages. Just at the right age with experience, both domestic and international. Given the ages of Piennar and Osman, together with the knowledge he has with Jags, Baines, Stones and Ross, he should slot in very easily. It is exactly the chance he needs. Given Aston Villa took their off the ball with him, he should be pretty motivated to prove a couple of teams wrong !
Rob Hogan, East Mids, 6:48 PM 5/06/2015
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