Lukaku - I Want To Play As A Striker Not A Winger
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We were always under the impression that the Dutch were the mouthy ones, but it seems the the Belgians can give them a run for their money.

First Kevin Mirallas had his say and now Romelu Lukaku has had an interview with the Belgian press while doing a PR thing for his new NIKE boots.

Lukaku made points that he keeps his old boots, wants to play in big matches, win titles and not play on the wing, but as a striker.

Rom said: "When designing a new model I get about ten days to allow the shoe to size. I'll adjust the studs and the soles. On the inside of my right shoe shows I always put the slogan "I believe in Jesus." On the outside my own name. On the left shoe are the first letters from my mom, dad and brother.

"The old boots are in the basement with my mom, except a few that I made my first goal in the first team at Anderlecht. Also the boots I scored the hat-trick against Manchester United. And the couple with the name of Junior Malanda on.

"I want to grab titles, not some shadowing. I want to know what it's like to play big matches only. I am 22 years, it's time to win something.

"The coach is the boss, but if I notice that something is not right then I say simply. I play a sufficient performance to be able to open my mouth? I hear what my teammates tell in the dressing room, so I then map it to. We then indeed changed tactics and put afterwards a strong set down.

"I do not want to play on the flank. I am a striker. At one point I went to the coach and I said to him: "With all due respect, when I'm a winger I'm hopeless. I will only score goals if you put me deep in the forefront. That was true. The games that I did not score, I was on the flank. I stood in the forefront, then I scored."

Obviously it goes without saying that there maybe some problem with the translation, but there you go. Comment Below. 

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Comments about Lukaku - I Want To Play As A Striker Not A Winger
whats wrong with a centre forward saying he wants to play up front
youdsy, childwall, 7:07 PM 19/06/2015
Get benteke in he better anyway
J, Liverpool, 2:45 AM 6/06/2015
Get rid of him and Kev... Really starting to p me off.... Bring in Austin or Bacca who can actually control a football..... You never heard Tim Cahill talking like this who was twice the player you are Rom ...... Just do one before the season starts
Gavin, Chester, 6:47 AM 3/06/2015
I didn't think this was anywhere as bad as the headlines on-line have made out. It's just some young fella mouthing off a bit after he's got home. And let's face it, he'd have to be completey fucking dilusional if he thinks he has lived up to even two thirds of the value we paid for him. If anyone comes near to offering what we paid, we should take the money and run!
Trebnik, Ormskirk, 9:51 PM 2/06/2015
If he wants to play as a "Top striker" at a "Top club" he needs to start slotting his half chances he's getting. I'm a big fan of Rom but I think he needs to realise how big a club we are and concentrate on his footy
Josh, Liverpool, 8:21 PM 2/06/2015
For a minute there I thought that home page headline read Whinger :o)
Paul, Warrington, 8:05 PM 2/06/2015
He was brought as a striker so play him in the strikers role not on the wing .
mike, Runcorn , 7:45 PM 2/06/2015
Get rid of all the big time Charlie's who think they are better than they are and too good for our great club. If we had players that wanted to play for the club instead of ones looking for their next move we would be much better off.
Shane , Wales , 7:44 PM 2/06/2015
His first touch is usually poor and gifts the ball to the opposition and he should have sorted it by now. That said, he's very effective running at them with the ball and he's excellent at scoring on those rare occasions we get a meaningful cross or pass to him when he's in the box. He has spent way too long this season having to forage near corner flags courtesy of RM's "tic-tacs". I call them that because about two minutes after delivering summat that seems good they're gone, useless, leaving an unpleasant taste for the rest of the game.
Don Alexander, Birkenhead, 4:04 PM 2/06/2015
Yet another report from Belgium probably all done at the instigation of Lukaku's mafia agent. If this goes on I see no point in signing any Belgian players for the future. It would help morale a lot if bothe he and Mirallas just buckled down to the job of playing well and kept their mouths shut when around Belgian journos. On top of that in future I'd refuse to deal with any player who has the same agent as Mirallas and Lukaku.
Spectator, Crosby, 3:32 PM 2/06/2015
Haha we never heard Phil neville jags or Ossie complain of where they played . True professionals !!! Yes he scored 20 goals . But looked lazy in a good few games to be honest when Martinez dropped him it gave him kick the kick in the arse he needed . Sounds like he needs the same to remind him it's not all about Rom
Steo, Dublin, 2:40 PM 2/06/2015
Agree about the comment regarding the Dutch, but I am having second thoughts. No positive comments ever from Dutch/Belgian papers which is starting to make me disbelieve them. Maybe our friends at the Daily Mail are doing the translations.
rhodris=dad, rhyl, 2:22 PM 2/06/2015
Why does he keep his mum in the basement?!!!
chrisl, liverpool, 2:07 PM 2/06/2015
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