Mirallas Wants Everton In Europe Again
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Kevin Mirallas is already looking forward to next season with Everton.

The 27 year old is hoping to get back into Europe, where he thinks Everton will do well after this season's experience.

Kevin said: "We have enjoyed some of our best performances in Europe and we all felt that we could've gone even further in the competition.

"We had played well in the tournament but it was just that strange game, away in Kiev. If we had got over that, who knows, because the longer the season was going, the stronger we were getting but that was a bizarre game.

"But in that tournament I think we proved that Everton are a team designed for Europe.

"It is not just the supporters who had those expectations but the players as well.

"We all thought that we may be could do the same again and not just finish in the top five or six but have a really good go at finishing in the top four and qualifying for the Champions League.

"Unfortunately, it has not turned out like that. We have had a positive campaign in Europe but in the league there have been some disappointments and we have not done as well as we would've wanted.

"But that is not to say the season has been an entire waste and you can just throw it out. There have been some positives and some good moments. One thing we will learn, if we get back into Europe, is how it saps your energy so learning how to combine those two competitions is something to take away from this season and stand us in good stead when we are in both again."

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Comments about Mirallas Wants Everton In Europe Again
I think the suggestion of moving back to a straight knock-out competition for the erstwhile UEFA Cup is a good one. The teams that make it in there like ourselves generally do not have the squad resources to play the extra games that a league format requires and often suffer the consequences of spreading themselves too thinly. Also, bring back the Cup Winners' Cup, because we have a bit of form in that :)
Matt, CH, 1:16 PM 23/05/2015
I don't know what no. 4's been watching this season but it must've been way different to what I saw. If Martinez had taken any notice at all of fans he'd have booted his tippy-tappy bollocks by the time September was out, but no, it took senior players in February to speak out and only then did we get a few, just a few, wins by playing what Bainesy, Rom, Seamus and probably Sylvan said was the "old Everton, more direct way". As no. 2 says, the U-dopa cup ruins that season for Premier league teams, even those with a manager with some know-how.
Don Alexander, Birkenhead, 7:52 PM 20/05/2015
Europhiles? Bri take your head out your arse the shite took time to adapt to Europe so will we. It gives us more time to watch EFC so that's gotta be good. If we had not plagued Roberto about our league form we could have been heading for a trophy and champs league footy but instead all you wingers have got your way so he played the defence that got done last year at analfield well in lads you wingers cost us.T
Chris Simpson, London, 12:06 PM 20/05/2015
I disagree with post 2 because these days it's necessary to promote the club name at every available chance and being in Europe adds one more chance to that. As I see it the problem isn't being in Europe, it's the competition format on a league basis. There's too many games. The best format is the two leg knock out that used to apply to the European Cup, Cup Winners Cup and UEFA Cup. That way there's fewer games and you're STILL in Europe for a time. Running away from European competition doesn't help anybody.
Paul, Warrington, 11:47 AM 20/05/2015
Can't the "Europhiles" understand that the EVIDENCE accumulated over the past six years or more show with blinding clarity that the Europa League is simply an albatross round a club's neck. Yes, I know it's human nature to believe that it won't happen to us and our players won't be nackered by February but doesn't this season teach us anything. Obviously there is a certain amount of prestige in qualifying for it and it does make a change seeing foreign teams over here and lots of us enjoy our little jaunts around the continent. But the cost is too high as our neighbours across the park will, hopefully, discover next season. If we a lumped with this competition, use it to blood younger players. Don't think our thin squad can sustain having to play over 50 games a season without suffering accordingly.
bri, Woolton, 10:17 PM 19/05/2015
Mirallas is right, but the real question is why were we so bad in so many games? Most of the football played was a total disgrace.
Spectator, Crosby, 10:18 AM 19/05/2015
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