20 Goal Lukaku Sends Everton Fans Home Happy
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Romelu Lukaku scored Everton's last minute winner to send the delirious Everton fans home with a skip in their stride.

This brings Rom's total to 20 for the season the first time since 2007 when The Yak did it.

Over recent seasons Amokachi, Ferguson, Bent, Johnson, Beattie, Beckford, Vaughan and Anichebe have all had a go and not got 20.

Rom is still learning and can improve his game - holding the ball up, winning headers and other things the moaners come up with, but the kid turned 22 just last week, so its a fantastic achievement. 

At the same age, Thierry Henry and Alan Shearer scored 20 for the first time. Andy Cole, was 23. Not bad company - Three of the top five all-time leading Premier League goalscorers.

Worst still you could be a West Ham fan who have seen Rom score 6 times in 6 games against them. Take a bow son.

Luka said: "We played a good game and I'm happy for the team and for the result. I think we played some good football, we were very good defensively so we deserved the three points. 

"Even though they scored the goal in the second half, we still had the feeling that we should win this game. Even in the first half there were a few moments where the last pass wasn't that great but in the second half it all changed, we started creating really clear-cut chances and we all had the feeling that we'd win the game.

"I'm feeling positive for next season. Hopefully with the addition of a few players, competition between the players will be better and it promises a lot." 

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Comments about 20 Goal Lukaku Sends Everton Fans Home Happy
Well said Don Alexander - his control is absolutely woeful. To me however it is not rocket science - - he needs a partner. A small fox in the box type to work in tandem with him. In the grand old days a player like Ings at Burnley would walk to join Everton - no mention of that anywhere !!! Apparently he is off to the Dark Side ! Ok so Charlie Austin then - what about him? I do hope Martinez gives the kids a chance against Spurs and will someone on Blue Kipper tell me why Sylvain has been diagnosed with leprosy ? I think it is an absolute disgrace he won't be given a chance to say goodbye to the fans.
Craig Findlater, Romsey hants, 8:46 AM 20/05/2015
How many has he scored in the prem. Not very good, just an average striker but thinks he is world class
jim, thailand, 1:21 AM 20/05/2015
20 goals is just about OK when you take into account those scored in the U-dope-a Cup. them. What I can't get me head round is why he's almost always unable to control a pass played into him. Why not? What's training and/or coaches for? Don't get me wrong, if he added that to his game he would be truly "phenomenal"!
Don Alexander, Birkenhead, 11:23 PM 18/05/2015
Well done Rom. He'll be a marked man next season so a repeat performance will be an even bigger achievement. He's done it despite a poor start to the season and not much close support. If he gets both next season who knows what he can manage?
Spectator, Crosby, 6:03 PM 18/05/2015
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