Galloway The New Kid On The Block
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With Bainesy out injured, we thought that Luke Garbutt would get the nod, but Roberto surprised us by giving Brendan Galloway his league debut at West Ham.

Although Bren has played most of his games in Everton Under 21s as a centre half, the 19 year old did well.

The manager says Brendan Galloway's Premier League debut against West Ham United was a reward for his progress this season and nothing to do with Luke Garbutt not signing a new contract offer.

Roberto said: "Not really, Luke Garbutt and Brendan Galloway are very different players. 

"Garbutt is a very successful story. Last year, he was in the under-21s and we put forward a two-year programme.

"Sometimes in football you don't get the chance to get through but he's played 10 games for the first team and has had a fantastic season for us.
"This was a different situation. I wanted to find out about Brendan Galloway.

"It was a big moment in his career that he coped with in a magnificent manner. I thought Brendan was always cool, composed and had an incredible confidence.

"He will have been tested here as much as any other ground in the Premier League. 

"As a football club, we will always give chances to our youngsters and that was a chance for a young player to come in and perform. In the same manner, as a young man, you need to be prepared to take that opportunity and show what you can do. He did that.

"All in all, what he is now is a player who, in my eyes, has been outstanding in his standards over the last 10 months since we brought him to the football club.

"His reaction to every little test and challenge has been superb and he has earned the opportunity to play today. After 90 minutes, we are all extremely pleased with Brendan."

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Comments about Galloway The New Kid On The Block
I am all for giving the kids a chance. Talking of which RM needs to get in early for summer targets. Can I suggest from relegated clubs Fer (QPR) Keane (Burnley)From the Championship Hughes (Derby) Efobe (Wolves) from Scotland Van Dijk (Celtic). Any thoughts ?
Tess Tickle, The Muncaster Pub, 12:05 PM 20/05/2015
Great debut. Assured, mature and looked technically excellent. John stones-esque which has got to be a good thing. Just read a great interview with his former manager Karl Robinson. The kids had a great upbringing from his family and former club. All bodes well
Tony, wavertree, liverpool, 5:29 PM 18/05/2015
I believe Galloway has a really bright future ahead of him, together with John Stones it all looks good for the future of our club and not lets forget about young Pennington out on loan at Coventry because he won young player of the year when he was there. All looking good for our young players.
John, Wavertree, 3:21 PM 18/05/2015
It's good to see young players given a chance I can't help think Garbutt will be wondering why he wasn't picked and will this affect the contract situation,but it's another young player who's performed well in the 1st team that can only be a good thing.
chris, seaforth, 3:11 PM 18/05/2015
An outstanding d?but from the young man,did himself and the club proud.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 3:06 PM 18/05/2015
Much as Galloway had an impressive debut I would rather have seen Garbutt in the side. If Martinez wants the lad to sign a new contract then playing him in his position rather than an up and coming centre back playing out of position would seem more logical.
Vic, Exiled Blue, Carshalton, 3:02 PM 18/05/2015
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