Mirallas Happy At Everton
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Kevin Mirallas has once again come out and said he is happy at Everton and thinks his goal scoring form is good.

Kevin is looking forward to playing against West Ham on Saturday and hoping to play just behind his Belgian mate Romelu Lukaku.

The two have done well in games against the 'ammers. Luka has scored in all games he's played against Big Sam's team and Kevin scored a great free kick in the FA Cup.

Kevin said: "It was a special game and one of my best performances. I came on after not starting and managed to do one or two good things in the game. I scored a goal and playing in that position, behind the striker is a role I enjoy and a place I'd like to play more often.

"The celebration in that game was a good example of how Romelu and myself have got a really, really good understanding.

"We give each other a lot of the ball and it is a shame that we've maybe not had the chance to play together in those two roles more often this season.

"I have a really, really good understanding with him and the closer I am to him on the field means we can put that good understanding to use more frequently.

"I have always been proud to wear this shirt at Everton. At the start of the season I was very happy with my form.

"I had come back from injury and started the season really, really well and people speaking about me wanting to leave has never come from me.

"When you have a good start to the season and you are playing well, people are maybe showing a bit of an interest in you.

"But the supporters can rest assured that it never came from me and I never said I wanted to leave. I have always been happy here at this club, my family are happy where we are so it is a shame when stuff gets said and it isn't me who said it.

"In spite of the noises that were being made in January where people were talking about a supposed departure, and putting that to one side, how I have felt and played, and taking away the injuries, it is the best I have felt.

"It could be my best season for Everton and whenever I have been picked by the manager I have brought something positive and contributed to the side. And in terms of goal-scoring, I am the second highest scorer at the club."

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Comments about Mirallas Happy At Everton
This reminds me of an old girlfriend I had at college. She was stunning and all the guys wanted her. Like an idiot I started to play her in all the wrong positions (you know, took her to subway instead of KFC) and she got tired of me quickly. When I saw her head starting to turn with other guys. Summer holidays came and out of the blue I asked if she was still happy with me?so?she said yes.. 1st opportunity she had on the 1st day back at college she dumped me. Next girlfriend I had was like going from Super Kev to McGeedy and we'll all know soon how that's gonna pan out! And so the moral of the story is... Oh shit I'm missing the game!
Doug , Liverpool , 3:31 PM 16/05/2015
I want him to stay, but only if he stops sulking and starts playing the way everyone knows he can play. Definitely an asset.
Spectator, Crosby, 10:35 AM 16/05/2015
Sign a new contract then, Kev - that way we know you won't screw us over and leave on the cheap. Oh, and get Luke Garbutt to sign one, while you're at it!
Jon, Leeds, 8:47 AM 16/05/2015
When I started reading I thought great, he's a king amends, fair play. Then I read on. Oh dear. I can't stand it when players come across as though they're dictating where they should play. In this case I feel kev is way off the mark. I've not seen a partnership develop with kev and any other player....apart from ones that are feeding him! He's too selfish (not necessarily a bad thing!) to be a number 10. He's no rooney, who by the way is probably the least selfish striker ever to play the game. Kev, shut up and don't try and manage.
Tony, wavertree, liverpool, 5:48 PM 15/05/2015
Hmmmm, this looks rather like a message to el Bob that he's happy as long as he can play where he wants to play.
Dr Hfuhruhurr, Hull, 5:23 PM 15/05/2015
I say yes, as long as his head is in the right place and he wishes to play for the blues. COYBs
jim ellis, Barnoldswick, 1:44 PM 15/05/2015
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