Operation For Baines Lets In Garbutt For Everton
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Leighton Baines will be out until next season after he had an operation on his injured ankle.

Bainesy will also miss England's games against Republic of Ireland and Slovenia next month.

The 30 year old hopes the op will ensure he is pain-free for the first time in three years.

This news will confirm that Luke Garbutt will play in the last two games at left back.

Roberto said: "We had Leighton's ankle checked and he has had surgery. It was straight-forward and he will be out until the start of pre-season. 

"We have found the solution. His time out will now allow him to be refreshed.

"It had been a problem since 2012. 

"It doesn't affect you for a while and then you get a knock or bad movement and it flares up. It was difficult for him to play pain free.

"We want to make sure the ankle is in perfect condition and he will come back stronger next season."

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Comments about Operation For Baines Lets In Garbutt For Everton
But it didn't let in Garbutt did it? Thanks to our manager we can now say goodbye to a fantastic player who was a natural replacement for Baines. Will John Stones be next? I am not looking forward to next season with any confidence at all.
Dave, Auckland NZ, 4:08 AM 18/05/2015
Garbutt? That talented young left back with a month left on his contract? Whats going on Everton!
Marc, Huyton, 2:21 PM 14/05/2015
I hope the op goes well and you are back up and running soon Bainsey lad. Garbutt looks to me to be an excellent understudy and will only benefit from the further experience in the first team
Andy, Chester, 2:19 PM 14/05/2015
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