Coleman Not Happy With Poor Season
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Seamus Coleman is as pissed off as some of the fans over Everton's poor season.

The 26 year old wants to finish on a high by winning the last two games.

Seamus said: "There have been other games at home like that this season. West Brom and Hull and Stoke.

"We've made no secret of it, it has been a disappointing season but we felt like we got our tails up a bit recently.

"So the last two games have been disappointing.

"We controlled the game for long periods but it's all about getting the ball in the back of the net.

"It has been one of those seasons and we're looking forward to finishing on a high now and coming back for pre-season and giving it a real good go, because when we do get things right we are a very good team.

"It is about getting about all over the pitch and not conceding sloppy goals.

"It has been one of those seasons where we have struggled to cope with the Europa League. It is a great competition and we did quite well until Kiev away and we won't use that as an excuse.

"I wanted to play in Europe and learn from it. Hopefully we can get back playing in European competitions again but we need to start clean next season and hopefully replicate what we did last year.

"We are all disappointed, as you can imagine. We all want to finish the season strongly and we thought we were doing that, even though we had a blip against Villa.

"We started the Sunderland game quite well and dominated but in the Premier League you have to take your chances. They've had three chances and scored two, that was the difference.

"No disrespect to Sunderland but they are fighting for their lives and we should be beating them at home. I thought we had turned a corner but the last two weeks have been disappointing.

"We know we've had a poor season and so wanted to finish on a high. We have to win the next two games and give the fans something to come back to."

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Comments about Coleman Not Happy With Poor Season
Funny how this season is ending the same way as last season, with a run of losses. The other difference is that previous games this season had mostly losses and draws as well. It's all beginning to look very Wigan like. If we get more of the same early next season it can only end one way. Taxiiiiiiiiii!
Spectator, Crosby, 9:46 AM 12/05/2015
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