Martinez And Distin Have Their Say
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Sylvain Distin was left out of the first team after the 3-0 defeat in the Capital Cup at Swansea and was last named among the substitutes for the match against Crystal Palace in February.

John Stones has played with Phil Jagielka in the heart of the defence with Antolin Alcaraz being preferred to the when either have been injured.

The 37 year old Distin has played as an over-age player for the Under-21s side, and unless he is given a subs role in the last game against Spurs, the Everton fans may have seen the last of Buzz Lightyear.

Sylvain has played over 160 times for Everton after costing £5m five years ago.

Rumours of a clash between Distin and Martinez after he was given a week off to go home to France following the Swansea game has been dispelled by the big man. 

Sylvain said: "There was no clash. I just had a forced rest week but I was not dropped.

"On 2 February, I went to see the coach to discuss the proposal from West Ham who had offered me a transfer until the end of the season.

"The next day, at a press conference, Martinez said he was counting on me and that I was part of the team. But since that day, I have not been called up once.

"I have no idea. Ask him. We haven't spoken. There are many things that get lost in football and you hope that there is still a modicum of respect.

"But hey, I've played at the top level for 20 years so I take time on the weekends with my family. I keep my spirits up.

"I do not think it is because of my age. If Everton tell me they want to prepare for the future, no problem. This is something that can be understood if it's explained. I was told nothing. If one day I was told that I'm slow, we could put all the central defenders on a line and we'll see. There is no problem.

"If you saw the weeks of training I do to compensate for my lack of playing time, you would see that I did not want to retire! If I can find a club where I feel good, I have no limit.

"It's a shame as I would have liked to finish my career at Everton. But in football, we do not always do what we want."  

Roberto said: "I can understand that completely. It happens to any professional. Sylvain has been a phenomenal professional and a phenomenal servant of Everton. It has been a tough season but in football it happens.

"You have a young man in John Stones under the age of 20 who has performed in an incredible manner and has developed a very strong partnership with Phil Jagielka.

"It has been a football decision. Obviously in January Sylvain wanted to leave and wanted to go to another club and that never materialised.

"From that moment we need to look forward to the future and we wish Sylvain the best of luck for the future. But I don't see anything wrong with those situations. It's a natural moment in his career."

Has Distin been given a raw deal? Comment Below. 

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Comments about Martinez And Distin Have Their Say
Totally agree with Matt Lavery. Distin has been a great servant and certainly deserves to be treated with respect, but Martinez is Everton manager and has to work in the best interests of the club. Distin came and said he wanted to go to a Premiership rival and Martinez completely reasonably didn't want that to happen. As for 'respect', well let's be fair. Stones and Jagielka are the first two choices for the two centre-back spots, and Distin and Alcaraz are the back-ups. I don't really see what Martinez has done wrong here...
Rory O'Keeffe, Brighton, 3:58 PM 20/05/2015
How can anyone suggest Martinez is the one in the wrong here? Distin has been a great servant to the club, however, clearly it is he who has broken the 'silence' and therefore been the one to be disrespectful. Too many people have the idea that in this world we can challenge the managers of the world, yet surely Osman, Howard etc have been the professional types who have simply got on with it, knuckled down and not enjoyed their jollies on the weekend as Distin is petulantly boasting and claiming about. Distin has clearly challenged Martinez and irregardless of your thoughts on the manager, if it is not dealt with then it leaves room for yet more insubordination. This is simple logic and i'm far happier knowing that Martinez has taken a strong line on the matter. I've played players with the right attitude over quality before and it certainly made a difference. We have to stop letting sentiment get in the way of how Everton are being run in my opinion.
Matt Lavery, Liverpool, 12:59 PM 13/05/2015
If they have had a right old sort out in the dressing room then alls well with the world, That's how it should be and when alls said and done El Bob is the boss. Distan is my favourite defender PLAYER ,of the last couple of seasons .If it is his time to go then do it with dignity and style playing with the kids is what you do to drunks and want aways. Sylvan deserves better. and lets part as friends always welcome to return. Thanks Big man it's been a pleasure.
Les Wirral, Top Balcony, 11:53 AM 13/05/2015
An absolute disgrace the way Buzz has been treated. He is two hundred per cent better than Alcaraz. The guy is a true professional who has been absolutely dumped on by Martinez. He should have been given a coaching role for the kids on how to behave and how to represent a club. Sylvain you are one top man.
Craig Findlater, Romsey Hampshire, 9:00 PM 12/05/2015
I believe the story of a bust up more than what the 2 of them have said above. If a player said, "yeah, I had the manager by the throat" who would sign him afterwards?
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 2:41 PM 11/05/2015
Lots of problems began with Sam Eto'o daring to suggest he knew more than El Bob! Silly champions league winning fool. Buzz must have been in his camp. These things happen and you have to support the manager.....
blue, toronto, 2:03 PM 11/05/2015
2 "phenomenals" in the Martinez buzzword bingo game. Do I win a prize?
Mark, Bucks, 9:46 AM 11/05/2015
Martinez once again shows his poor man-management in a massive show of disrespect for a senior player. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the matter, Distin deserves better after being an integral part of the team for so long. Would RM treat Leon Osman or Tim Howard in this manner? I think not. If Distin did not figure in his plans after January, he should have been told so and not left to languish in the U21s all this time without explanation. The fact that Distin has just knuckled down and got on with things as they stand speaks volumes for his professionalism and shames Roberto Martinez, who foolishly held some kind of grudge against Distin, possibly for criticizing his tactics, and ignored his first responsibility as a manager, that being to select the best possible team. Distin was clearly fit and available during Stones's absence and should have been used, particularly against Kiev instead of the appallingly inept Alcaraz. Once again, shame on you, Martinez. He is truly a useless lame-duck manager who is fast losing the support of the fans, and, I fear that of the players who I believe gave lost respect for both the man and his so)called philosophy.
Brian Porter , Doncaster, 1:53 AM 11/05/2015
I personally see it as disrespectful by Martinez, been a good player for us couple of blips here and there but a good player and to be told he's in our plans but then never include him is harsh, he just wants to play football and he's 5 times the player Alcaraz is, good luck to you buzz
John, Southport, 9:41 PM 10/05/2015
Think there both being diplomatic here,Sylvain should not be allowed to go with a whimper,if he does,it's scandalous,he's been an excellent addition to our club.A great example to players coming through.Merci mon ami.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 6:51 PM 10/05/2015
It was obvious if stones performed well again this season he'd be next to jags,I must admit alcaraz never really impressed so I feel that distain wasn't given more opportunities, shame he's done so well for us yes he's had bad games but alcaraz was more bad than good.
chris, seaforth, 6:41 PM 10/05/2015
That's two phenomenals in one sentence, plus a separate incredible a few sentences later. I need to go and lie down in a darkened room. This is no way to treat Distin, who's been one of our best players up to this season. More bad news all round. I lose more respect for Martinez every day. If he's not bullshitting we get more of this kind of news. Whatever happens I wish Sylvain all the best.
Spectator, Crosby, 6:21 PM 10/05/2015
It looks like RM cut off his nose to despite his face with Distin. He would have played against Kiev instead of the calamitous Alcaraz and we may not have suffered that humiliation. Distin was still a reliable defender with a good turn off pace unlike Alcaraz who has never looked anything like convincing in defence.
Derek, Liverpool, 6:20 PM 10/05/2015
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