Duncan Ferguson - I Never Started Anything - I Finished A Few
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Everton's first team coach, Duncan Ferguson has spoke about his love of coaching, on his reputation as a hard man and how he feels when the Gwladys Street still chant his name.

Big Dunc said: "It's a bit embarrassing. But I'm an Everton fan with a ringside seat.

"This is my addiction. I love it, can't get enough of it. I'm a great admirer of Barcelona and Marcelo Bielsa, that Chile team, the way they played that intense press, 3-3-3-1.

"Developing from within is my big passion. I like to test myself on academy players, see where they end up. I started doing that four years ago, predicting their progression, seeing if I get it right.

"We've got a great set-up with the academy, education programmes that are second to none. There was nothing like that when I was coming through.

"When I played the game I had the reputation. You can't get away from that. I was sent off, played hard, made mistakes in my career, in my life.

"So maybe some people do say, 'Duncan Ferguson? God almighty.' But they don't know me.

"I'm serious now. I want people to remember me as a coach.

"I made a lot of mistakes, but I wouldnae hammer myself for them.

"You are 16, 17, coming from an estate, what are you going to do? I had to go out and meet girls. And people start to look at you in a different way, you become the focal point. Back then I never had the strength to walk away, you know? But hand on heart, I never started anything, never once. That's the truth. I finished a few.

"You are standing with your girlfriend and she's getting slaughtered and there's three or four fellas.

"Maybe I should have run in the opposite direction and left her, but on the estates I grew up, look, you're talking fat lips, black eyes. That's nothing. But because you're a player it's all over the media.

"Ask me an opinion, I'll give it. I'm not afraid of sticking my neck on the line. But that's easy to say now. I might go into management and sign ten diddies.

"I think everyone dreams of being Everton manager, don't they. Don't you? Everyone has dreams, but it's not something I'm anywhere near.

"We've got a top-drawer manager, outstanding, and I'm learning from him every day. The most tactically detailed manager I've met.

"I just want to be the best coach I can be. I'm working hard at it." 

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Comments about Duncan Ferguson - I Never Started Anything - I Finished A Few
Duncan. Great interview. Absolute class. It's absolutely no mystery why evertonian took him to our hearts. It's like looking at a Picasso or listening to mozart. You can't quite put your finger on why but you know from the depths of your heart that it's fucking special
Tony, wavertree, liverpool, 5:57 PM 15/05/2015
I'd love to see him as Everton manager one day.
Ari, Iceland , 8:04 AM 14/05/2015
On the face of it Big Dunc has everything going for him in management. But there haven't been many good strikers who became good managers. I'd love him to make it and do it at Everton but there's a long way to go before we get to that. Enthusiasm alone isn't enough.
Spectator, Crosby, 8:43 AM 11/05/2015
It's the dream isn't it,a former player who is loved coming back to manage the club and bringing success you just wonder if it did ever happen what it would be like if he failed to take the club forward how would the fans behave towards him.I know Stubbs says he's enjoying himself up at hibs & rhino with the younger lads Martinez constantly speaks highly of hibbo as well all options I suppose.
chris, seaforth, 3:59 PM 9/05/2015
Would love to see the big man and my idol manage us one day
Lisa, Our house, 2:57 PM 9/05/2015
In his prime Big Dunc would have been worth ?40M+ at todays valuations. I would love to see him as EFC manager and sooner rather than later. Agree with his admiration of Chile, but think that RM's attempted emulation of Barcelona has got us into the deep shit we're in currently. I also thought that Juventus played a great team game against Madrid and did not feel the necessity to resort to tippy tappy football at any time during the game. Watching the CL semis further illustrates the current low standard of the Prem and the fact that Everton, under competent management, could easily have claimed a top 4 position this season.
John T, Bristol, 9:24 AM 9/05/2015
I just unashamedly love this man, from the 21st November 1994 onwards, when he scored 'that goal' against 'the team that is only here, because of us'. I cried when he left for the barcodes and got as wasted when he returned, as the day thatcher died. I would love Duncan to manage us one day.
Dixie Dave, Melbourne, Australia., 8:26 AM 9/05/2015
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