Baines Spills The Beans On Penalties
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Leighton Baines has explained why he let Romelu Lukaku and Ross Barkley take penalties this season.

Bainesy said: "When Rom signed permanently I said then, if he wanted them, 'no problem'.

"It was just about getting him scoring when we re-signed him.

"So I said 'whenever you're ready, just tell me' because, again, I'm thinking of him as a player.

"Strikers live off goals and look at their records and if he's scoring penalties, and his record is looking good, then his confidence is good and you'll probably get other goals on the back of that.

"It can work the other way if they don't go in, but if he gets the goals through that and the confidence.

"If he scores a penalty after 20 minutes, then he's up and you might get other goals from that.

"So it's partly that and, from the club's point of view, he's an asset.

"We've paid a lot of money for him, he's a young striker who is going to be judged on his goals, not your left-back.

"If he finishes the season on 10, 11 or 12 or can slot five or six pens on top of that, it's a different ball game when people look at his record.

"Now, you've got to score them and so far he has been. Unless he tells me otherwise, it will stay that way.

"I'm relaxed about it either way. I'm not someone who is going to throw his toys out of the pram because he's not on them.

"But on the other side it's not like I don't want to hit them, I've taken them for long enough in many a different situation and scenario - it's not a confidence issue.

"I'm always available to take them. But I'm not egotistical and think 'I've got to score these goals'."

Bainesy on Barkley taking the pen v Burnley: "When we got it I was going up to take it but straight away Ross asked 'Can I have it? Can I have it?'

"I thought 'if you are that confident then, yeah'. I probably should have spoke about it before because Rom had been taking them but I'd just assumed I'd be taking them.

"So that was pretty much my call on the pitch because everyone would've assumed I'd have taken it.

"Ross turned around and asked 'Can I have it? Can I have it?'

"I said yes because he's really good at them and can strike them powerfully and I really fancied him to score.

"If it goes in, nobody's bothered are they."

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Comments about Baines Spills The Beans On Penalties
Let Hibbo take one on the final day, that would make my season!
Wallet, Dublin, 5:14 PM 8/05/2015
Dispels all the theories about chaos/bottle less Captain/ arguments. I read that under Gordon Lee it was pretty much the same way.....who wanted it took it.
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 1:49 PM 8/05/2015
What a top team player our No3 is,hat off to you Leighton. As for Lukaku, well he doesn't exactly fill me with confidence, coz let's face it the size of the lad and they barely reach the net.A goal is a goal but if he put half the chances away that he should then he wouldn't need to (top up his tally).?28 mill? The jury is still out I'm afraid.COYB.
daz.m, st.helens, 1:29 PM 8/05/2015
'Can i have it, Can i have it?' NO
Baz, Manchester, 1:28 PM 8/05/2015
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